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BLOG TOUR: Keystone by Katie Delahanty

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Katie Delahanty's Keystone! Today, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt AND a cool author-hosted giveaway to share! So... Be sure to check it out and pre-order your copy now! Keystone is coming tomorrow!!!

Young Adult
Contemporary/Science Fiction
Publish Date:
January 7, 2020

When Ella Karman debuts on the Social Stock Exchange, she finds out life as a high-profile “Influencer” isn’t what she expected. Everyone around her is consumed by their rankings, in creating the smoke and mirrors that make them the envy of the world.

But then Ella’s best friend betrays her, her rankings tank, and she loses—everything.

Leaving her old life behind, she joins Keystone, a secret school for thieves, where students are being trained to steal everything analog and original because something—or someone—is changing history to suit their needs.

Partnered with the annoyingly hot—and utterly impossible—Garrett Alexander, who has plenty of his own secrets, Ella is forced to return to the Influencer world, while unraveling a conspiracy that began decades ago.

One wrong move and she could lose everything—again.


Two twists to the right, one to the left… I trigger the pin, hold it in place with my L rake, and feel for the next one. Deep in the vault, I’m attempting to steal the Pink Star, a fifty-nine-carat pink diamond that sold at auction for Ä83 million. According to the plaque on the glass case, the collector who purchased the diamond is actually the proud owner of a 3-D printed replica. The original stone was stolen by a Keystone Disconnect years earlier, when it was on display at the Smithsonian, and that’s where it lives now—in the Vault’s version of the Smithsonian’s special exhibit hall. The collector never came up with the currency to purchase the stone, anyway, and the replica resides to this day in Sotheby’s inventory.
My full concentration on the lock, beads of sweat form on my forehead. Just one more second—
“I never pegged you for pink.”
The voice startles me, and my hand slips, sending my L rake rattling to the floor and triggering the alarm. Pulsating sirens reach air-raid status, and, whipping around, I clamp my hands over my ears.
Garrett stands behind me, smug. And alone.
“Didn’t anyone teach you not to sneak up on people?” I yell.
He crosses the room and punches a code into a keypad mounted on the wall. “Actually, no. I’ve been trained to always sneak up on people. You should watch your back.” The alarm abruptly goes silent.
“I’m no stranger to that.” I stand frozen in place, every muscle in my body tense.
His footsteps echo against the stone floor. Electricity surges up my spine, a ball of buzzing energy, as he draws closer.
I need you.
The thought pops into my brain, and I instantly dismiss it, annoyed at my body’s physical reaction to him.
“You could’ve fooled me.” He grins. “It’s pretty girly, don’t you think?” He points at the cotton-candy-colored gem. “Of everything in this room, that’s what you choose to steal?”
Ignoring his smile, I try to be the girl Allard wants me to be. I don’t need Garrett to like me. “Why wouldn’t I want a pink diamond? I am a girl.”
“You just don’t strike me as someone who is easily dazzled.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“I meant it as one.” He raises his eyebrows, and my heart skips a beat.
Squelching the quiver in my belly, I shake my head and draw on my Self-Awareness days. “Uh-uh. I’m not falling for any of this.”
“Any of what?” He cocks his head.
“This.” I wave my hand in front of his face. “You’re cute, but I’m immune to cute. I’m not going to let you get to me.”
“Don’t worry, Ellie,” he murmurs, his eyes snaking the length of my body before matching my stare. “I have no interest in getting to you.”


**About the Author**
Katie Delahanty lives in Los Angeles with her husband, twin daughters, and son. Growing up in Pittsburgh, she loved old movies and playing dress up, but never considered telling stories of her own until she was asked to start a blog for the sleepwear company she worked for. Unsure what to say about lingerie, she wrote a fictional serial about a girl chasing her costume design dreams who fell in love with a rock star along the way. And that’s when Katie fell in love with storytelling. That blog became The Brightside Series and she’s been waking before dawn to write ever since.

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