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BLOG TOUR: Child of Kitarra by Andrea Gibb

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Child of Kitarra, Book One in The Sanarii Chronicles, by Andrea Gibb! Today, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt, a book trailer, AND a cool author-hosted giveaway to share! Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now! Follow the tour, HERE!

Upper Young Adult
Dark Fantasy/Horror
The Sanarii Chronicles, #1
Publish Date:
November 30, 2018

The last sanarii -

Eva, the last true sanarii, uses her forbidden magic despite the risks, not realizing she could irrevocably affect the destinies of Jullayans and Kitarrans alike. Yet caught in the machinations of the Guardians and their prophecy, can she protect those she loves from the menace of dark magic threatening not just Kitarra, but all who value goodness and light?

And her hero prince -

When Illiah learned he was not just a hero, he was also the lost prince. He came to court with one thing in mind: he sought to arm Jullayah against any further attacks from the monstrous invaders. And in a land where magic is forbidden, he has secrets to hide. But when he finds himself falling into the secrets of a woman unlike any other, he must choose to fight for her and risk everything … or lose her forever.


Book one of The Sanarii Chronicles

In Kitarra, an old force is escaping and slowly destroying the Kitarrans. Once it is free, the old spirits will die and the magic of the world will unbalance, collapsing into darkness. But the knowledge to stop it has been lost, its secrets buried and stolen. A prophecy speaks of a child who will bring balance …

Chapter 21 - Illiah

“What do you want?” Illiah asked, hoping to distract the man. 
“A good steak and a fine woman,” the swine answered. 
“Your friend just killed a beautiful woman. She was probably willing enough, even for an ugly brute like yourself.”
“Nah. I like them a tad less pale and fragile.” The man’s voice was thick as sludge. “Besides, it’s just business. Leave no witnesses, he said.”
“The lord. Not sure why I am speaking to a dead man - Lug!” The man called to his companion before approaching with the wariness of a badger. Illiah had done a mental search of the room upon entering, looking for allies among the structure and items. Nothing spoke of opportunity. 
Panic crept over him, slowly, but panic nonetheless. He had lost the dagger. He was nothing. Death was silence. Death was an instant. Death was a promise.
Tarran was likely dead. They would have killed him immediately, like the girl. Leave no witnesses. Illiah was a fool for believing otherwise. He could imagine the boy with a puddle of blood below his head, his throat a jagged maw. Illiah shivered and felt sick, but he was not ready to die.
They came at him with daggers. The room was too small for swords. Illiah put the backs of his hands out to protect his wrists. Keep your back to the wall, Illiah. Eelan’s voice was in his head. 
Illiah sidestepped the men. The wall was a comforting presence behind him. The men had to avoid hitting each other as their trajectory weaseled out from under them. Illiah trapped one dagger between his crossed hands. A little twist sent the dagger to the floor - helpful. But it was out of his reach - not so helpful. Still with the man’s hand locked, Illiah propelled the man’s face into his knee before shoving him into the second attacker. The second man swerved and swung at him. Illiah blocked, and blocked again. He couldn’t land a decent blow. He couldn’t reach the door. If he moved away from the wall, a dagger would be in his back, across his neck. The visual did nothing for his heart rate. Cold steel cut into the backs of his hands and arms as he sacrificed them to keep the blades away from his body. He couldn’t keep it up for long. Swerve. Kick. Block. His arms hurt.
Illiah heard the door open, and a small shadow convalesced into the form of a boy. Tarran was small and quick as a viper. His child-sized daggers, one in each hand, were poison. Before the two men knew what the intruder was and what the intruder could do, they were down, bleeding their strength onto the stone floor. 

Copyright © 2018 by Andrea Gibb


**About the Author**
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When not writing fantasy, Andrea Gibb can be found wandering in the forest with her dog, working on her barn-house or hanging out with her kids. She lives in the wild of Sumas Mountain, British Columbia with her husband, their two sons, and an assortment of furry creatures.

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