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TEASER REVEAL: His Reason To Stay by Jennifer Hoopes

Today we have the Teaser Reveal for His Reason To Stay, the first title in the Ellis Family Saga, by Jennifer Hoopes! Get a sneak peek with an exclusive excerpt! We also have a cool author-hosted giveaway to share, too! So... Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

New Adult
Contemporary Romance
Ellis Family Saga, #1
Publish Date:
December 9, 2019

Award-winning wildlife photographer, Elijah Ellis, has come back home due to the tragic accident that killed members of both his and his best friend Tabitha Brodie’s family. Despite their grief, Eli hopes that he and Tabby can pick up their familiar friendship. He’s never forgotten the way Tabby makes him feel—full of hope and a sense of home—but she seems determined to keep him at arm’s length.

Tabby has always loved Eli. He’s everything she wants in a man. But he left Gatlinburg to make a name for himself outside of his famous family.  Even though there’s no one better to help her through this time, she refuses to be an anchor to a life he never wanted. Not to mention Tabby’s hiding a secret that will change all of their lives.

As Eli and Tabby spend more time together, he’s determined to show her they could be perfect together. Too bad she’s spent years building her walls against him...


Movement around the room drew her three-ton eyelids open only to see a jacket then a shirt find its way to the back of a chair. Talk about a shot of caffeine.
She lurched up. “What are you doing?”
Eli turned, providing her a view of a lean muscular chest covered in a tight, white tank. Only a saint wouldn’t have licked their lips, and Lord knew when it came to Eli, Tabby was no saint.
“I’m getting comfortable.”
The “duh” was involuntary. “Why?”
He sat, forearms dusted with dark hair tensing as he removed his shoes and socks. “Because sleeping in a tux is highly overrated.”
The quip was enough to throw her hormone-riddled mind into question, and by then, Eli was working on his belt. Dear God, if he takes off his pants, I don’t care what happens, I’m out of here.
She raised her gaze to see a smirk flitting about his sinful lips. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep them on.”
Tabby shrugged, but the gesture was a sham, and they both knew it. 
A knock at the door had them both turning. Eli crossed to the small hallway and a moment later wheeled in a beautifully set cart.
He grinned. “I guess eating’s out of the question.”
Tabby shook her head and buried her nose into a pillow. He’d ordered seafood and, if she had to guess, a big fat steak. The meat didn’t bother her, but the smell.
A minute later, a heavy hand rubbed her shoulder. “It’s gone.”
She risked a sniff, and while still lingering, the smell had left with the cart. She noticed he’d kept the champagne and dessert.
“You should eat. Don’t let me stop you.”
Eli unwrapped the bottle and went to work on the cork. “Nah. It was really just a cover anyway.”
“For what?”
He actually looked sheepish. “For getting them to give me your room number.”
Tabby laughed. She’d wondered how he’d found her. The timing had been too long for him to have simply followed her. Although she should be concerned that her privacy was offered up for something as little as room service.
“You better hope you don’t get someone fired.”
He raised an eyebrow. “No one will know unless you tell them. And besides, I had to do something after the disappearing act you pulled.”
She snorted. “I’m surprised you were able to tear yourself away from Caro long enough to even notice I was gone.” Tabby clapped a hand across her mouth and dropped back against the pillow. Why the hell didn’t she just broadcast her jealousy for all of Asheville to hear?
The bed dipped on the other side, followed by the heat of a body sliding in dangerously close to her. Lord, it was bad enough he’d held her hair during her not-so-proud moment of hugging the porcelain throne, but now he expected her to lay beside him and not die of mortification after her whiny comment about Caro.

“I noticed, Tabby. I’ve noticed a lot of things in the past few days.”


**About the Author**
Contemporary romance author, Jennifer Hoopes, lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband, and two daughters. Add two cats and a dog and the fur flies sometimes. Stories have been in her head for as long as she recognized every person had one and figuring out how two people meet and fall in love makes for a rewarding dream job.

When not writing she wears the many mom hats of PTO, dance, and music, all while driving a mean, mom-taxi. She loves caramel and roller coasters, plays a solo version of Carpool Karaoke, and cannot live without coffee and Jane Austen adaptations.

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