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BLOG TOUR: His Reason To Stay by Jennifer Hoopes

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for His Reason To Stay, the first title in the Ellis Family Saga, by Jennifer Hoopes! Today, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt AND an author-hosted giveaway to share!! So... Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

New Adult
Contemporary Romance
Ellis Family Saga, #1
Publish Date:
December 9, 2019

Award-winning wildlife photographer, Elijah Ellis, has come back home due to the tragic accident that killed members of both his and his best friend Tabitha Brodie’s family. Despite their grief, Eli hopes that he and Tabby can pick up their familiar friendship. He’s never forgotten the way Tabby makes him feel—full of hope and a sense of home—but she seems determined to keep him at arm’s length.

Tabby has always loved Eli. He’s everything she wants in a man. But he left Gatlinburg to make a name for himself outside of his famous family.  Even though there’s no one better to help her through this time, she refuses to be an anchor to a life he never wanted. Not to mention Tabby’s hiding a secret that will change all of their lives.

As Eli and Tabby spend more time together, he’s determined to show her they could be perfect together. Too bad she’s spent years building her walls against him...


He came into the kitchen behind her and picked up a glass of iced tea she’d poured. “So what’s next on the Brodie’s conquering empire itinerary?”
“Got a taste of success and addicted, huh?” Again that strange expression crossed his face, but it disappeared on a smile. 
“Something like that.”
“Well, unfortunately, I can’t feed your newly acquired fix. That meeting was the biggest thing on my plate. Mateo’s handling this month’s batch and most likely will continue through the births. Shipments of barley are due in, but other than testing it, which I’m more than capable of doing, nothing there needs handling.” There was more, but she needed to deal with it. Her hands and feet. Not any Ellis in the mix.
Eli set his glass on the counter and crossed his arms. “That’s it. Cutting me cold turkey. You’re a cruel mistress, Tabitha Brodie.”
Something in his tone brought her gaze colliding into his. She couldn’t move as he and his lips came closer. And when his breath fanned her face in an intimate caress, he whispered, “Guess I’ll find a new addiction.”
Lips crashed into each other, the first taste of his coffee-sweetened mouth producing a groan so elemental, Tabby wondered if a bear was outside the door looking for food. 
And truth was she was hungry. For this. For his touch. His taste. The intimate sweep of his tongue. The roaming hands that brought her already sensitive body to life. 
Eli pulled her closer, her sensitive chest meeting his rock-hard one. The pain and ecstasy rolled together in joyful torture. And with that dichotomy, she gave up resisting. Him in her home. Working side by side. She would greedily take everything and ask for nothing in return. He was a smart man and would come to his senses, and she wouldn’t cling, no matter how much her heart or her body begged her to.
She reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him tighter against her. He angled the kiss deeper, growling into her mouth.
Eli stepped forward, and her back came up against the counter. He picked her up, settling her on the edge and stepping into her body. Everything fit perfectly.
A cool breeze flitted across her chest. Eli had unbuttoned her shirt, the heat of his fingers as they traced her skin contrasting with the cool air of the cabin. She let her hands skim his chest and move farther down. 
It was a question. One she needed to answer before they moved too far.
She knew what she wanted, and she knew Eli would give it to her. Tugging his lip between her teeth, she opened her eyes to meet his, swirling with passion and hesitation.
A shrill whistle pierced the room and broke the haze, shattering it into pieces.


**About the Author**
Contemporary romance author, Jennifer Hoopes, lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband, and two daughters. Add two cats and a dog and the fur flies sometimes. Stories have been in her head for as long as she recognized every person had one and figuring out how two people meet and fall in love makes for a rewarding dream job.

When not writing she wears the many mom hats of PTO, dance, and music, all while driving a mean, mom-taxi. She loves caramel and roller coasters, plays a solo version of Carpool Karaoke, and cannot live without coffee and Jane Austen adaptations.

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