Saturday, December 7, 2019

COVER REVEAL: If You're Reading This... by Alex Tveit

Today, we have a Cover Reveal to share for Alex Tveit's If You're Reading This.... Take a look at the pretty cover!

Young Adult
Publish Date:
December 2019

The last thing that sixteen-year-old Petter expects while sitting on an airplane is an email from his father. Especially since his dad died of cancer five weeks earlier.

As if that emotional rollercoaster wasn’t enough, Petter’s mother thinks it’s a good idea to move them across the world from Norway to her childhood home outside of Boston.

Using emails sent from beyond the grave, Petter’s father tries to remain a source of guidance and life lessons for his son. Hidden among these teachings are also clues leading Petter out on an adventure. The last one that he would ever have with his father.

Then Petter meets Max. She joins him on his quest and becomes a bright spark of color in a world that moments before seemed very grey.


**About the Author**
Alex Tveit grew up just outside of Oslo, Norway. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada and has authored several children's books, as well as other works of fiction and non-fiction.

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