Thursday, April 28, 2016

JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13 - "Take Me Back to Hell"

About the Show
Lucifer is the story of the original fallen angel. Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his throne and retired to the City of Angels, where he owns an upscale piano bar called Lux. When a beautiful pop star is murdered, for the first time in roughly 10 billion years, he feels something awaken deep within him. Is he actually capable of feelings for a human being? The very thought disturbs him. The murder attracts the attention of LAPD homicide detective Chloe Decker, who finds herself both repulsed and fascinated by Lucifer. At the same time, God's emissary, the angel Amenadiel, has been sent to Los Angeles to convince Lucifer to return to Hell. But with the City of Angels at his feet and a newfound purpose, Lucifer's having too much fun to go back now.

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Supernatural/Paranormal Drama

Based on the comic book series by:


Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar
Lauren German as Chloe Decker
Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel
Rachael Harris as Dr. Kim Martin
Kevin Alejandro as Dan
Scarlett  Estevez as Trixie

Episode Synopsis:
When Lucifer is framed for murder, he and Chloe must work together to clear his name and prove the identity of the true killer.


*My Thoughts*
Not that Lucifer has been framed for murder, he doesn't think life on Earth, especially in Los Angeles, is fun anymore. It's not all fun and games it!?! Lucifer is feeling the reality of it now. The look of disappointment and disbelief on Chloe's face just rubbed it in too much for Lucifer. We already know that Lucifer is all too human when Chloe is around. When Lucifer has a gun pointed to his head, he only does what the Devil does...and provokes the police officer to pull the trigger. Aye!

Despite Amenadiel and Lucifer being at odds with each other, they are still family...and Amenadiel gets Lucifer out of that mess for now. They both come to a realization about themselves and about the whole situation... And comes to the conclusion that they need to help each other on this.

Dan finally tells Chloe that truth about everything. He really does want to make it work...he does, after all, still love Chloe. Even with all the mistakes that were made; he did do it with good intentions in mind. He just went about it the wrong way. Of course, Chloe is angry with him, she seems to understand his motives...sort of. She'll probably forgive him...eventually. Although she doesn't it show it much, Chloe still loves Dan... She still want to make it work, especially for Trixie's sake. Dan helps Chloe by turning himself in, so that they can track down Malcolm and clear Lucifer's name.

I thought it was hilarious when Dr. Martin finally finds out the truth about Amenadiel and Lucifer. That was funny. Then, to turn it around and make it into sibling counseling. Dr. Martin is still dumbfounded with this revelation; plus, she's angry that she was apparently a pawn in Amenadiel's plan to get Lucifer back to Hell. The back and forth banter and antics is too funny...totally enjoyable to watch. Then, just like all of Lucifer's "therapy" sessions, Amenadiel and Lucifer figures out what to do in order to find Malcolm.

Well, Malcolm has definitely gone off the deep end into insanity, especially since he thinks he's "invincible" when Amenadiel "saved" him from Hell. But what does he do...go crazy, then kidnap Trixie. Malcolm want to run, but that's not going to happen without money since he was confronted by Amenadiel and Lucifer. Too funny how these brother angels work so well together, but always disagree on many things. But, that didn't go well either since Amenadiel gets injured by Maze's blade.

Hmmm...Lucifer and Amendiel isn't the only one who is all too new these human emotions. Maze is also susceptible to this too human thing called...feelings. For a demon, she did show a lot of concern for Amenadiel's well-being.

It comes down to saving Trixie and Chloe now. Knowing that he can die with Chloe around, he know what he needs to do...the only way he know how. Facing Malcolm, Lucifer finds out, the deadly way, what Malcolm truly desires.

Hmmm...I wonder if making Lucifer too human was his Father's plan all this time. While Lucifer bleeds out dying on the floor, he pleads with his Father. Being Lucifer, the surprising thing is that he doesn't request what would be assumed for the Devil. Lucifer was concerned for Chloe's safety... He made a sacrifice to help someone else!

Wow! Finally!!! We got a glimpse of what Hell looks like when Lucifer died and returned home. However, his sweet homecoming was not as sweet as he thought when he finds that something...someone...has escaped out of its confines. Then, he returns to Earth...well, he did offer his Father his services; and now, we know why.

Who escaped Hell!?! Lucifer and Amenadiel has another brother bonding moment, but Lucifer finds himself telling Amenadiel some ominous news. Lucifer tells him who escaped Hell. Seriously!!! Oh what a cliffhanger!!! Well, I think the brothers will have their hands full searching for this escapee.

We already know that there will be a lot that Dan and Chloe have to work out. Lucifer has to search for this escapee. Amenadiel and Maze are the only ones who can help him. What and how much chaos will this Hell escapee cause!?! Guess we will have to wait for the next season to find out what is in store for all them.

This was an incredibly fun and action-filled start of a series. Tom Ellis and the entire cast are amazing! They totally made the start of this show exciting. I would like to see more of the supernatural side of it. This first season gave viewers a great introduction to all the characters and developed a world with Lucifer living among people in Los Angeles. However, he is still the Devil, Amenadiel is still an Angel, and Maze is still a Demon... I guess I wanted to see more of the other side of them, not just there "human" side of them. But, with this season finale, we may be seeing some of that in the second season...hopefully.

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