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JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Child of Atlantis: Ascension by Perry Covington

Young Adult
Fantasy/Sci-fi Action/Adventure
Origins Series, #1
Publish Date:
March 16, 2015

Everything you think you know about history is wrong.

What you don't know can get you killed.

Max had always been a painfully normal kid, until he discovers that he is a descendant of the lost Empire of Atlantis. The Atlanteans possess superhuman powers, are technologically advanced, and have been the sworn protectors and teachers of humanity since time immemorial.

A group known as the Fallen, an opposing faction of Atlanteans who wish to destroy all the "Earthborn", threaten their benevolent mission. The world has become plagued with war and famine and, all the while, the Fallen close their grip on our planet.

Maxis the Key to tipping the balance of this ancient war, but he must first trek across Europe to find his kidnapped parents, with the help of a malfunctioning robot and a combat  hardened Atlantean girl.

Two superpowers collide across the European continent to gain control of Max, as he desperately searches for his parents. On his journey, Max will not only learn about the hidden history of the world, he will also learn that the responsibility of earth's very survival rests squarely on his shoulders.

So, you know, no pressure.


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**About the Author**
Perry Covington is the author of Child of Atlantis: Ascension, book one of the Origins series. He has several other works in progress, which includ The Caster Wars and The Watcher series. He is also co-founder of the Think Kings Creative Studio, a group who endeavors to bring indie fictional works to the forefront of mainstream entertainment.

Perry is a journalist for several California publications. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two daughters, and a crazy dog named Ninja.

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*My Thoughts*

Note: This review contains NO spoilers

First off....whoa! Child of Atlantis: Ascension is the first of seven in a series which is filled with adventure, action, mystery, and teen angst. I was completely drawn in from the beginning when Max, your normal average teen, learns that there is more to his world that he knows of. With well developed characters and imaginative world-building, Perry created and action/adventure story filled with fantasy, science-fiction, and mythological elements that kept me turning the pages. Of course, there is also the possibility of a teen romance....well, you know how teens are, "someone has a crush on somebody"...hahaha!! I loved how it was subtly written in, and not overpowering that it dominated the story.

I also loved all the references to popular fandoms...this is something any fangirl/fanboy can relate to. And...that cliffhanger!!??!! Whoa! That definitely threw me for a loop! This book definitely has many layers, from the past to the present, that intertwined together creating that fast-paced, even flow in telling Max's story.

Child of Atlantis: Ascension is definitely a "fun" read for both teens and adults who are big fans of comic books, movies, (video)games, and books. Being a fangirl/booknerd myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the fandom references... It was hilarious to find it incorporated into the story! I am already excited to read book 2, Child of Atlantis: Destiny...must find out what happens next!

My rating:

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