Saturday, September 21, 2013

Melissa dela Cruz & Michael Johnston Launches New Collaboration: FROZEN

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon on September 21, 2013, Barnes & Noble at The Grove hosted this amazing author event of Melissa dela Cruz and Michael Johnston's first collaborated novel, Frozen.  In addition to meeting new authors on September 18, 2013, it is also extremely fun to come out to events for favorite authors. This time, the event was celebrating the collaborative work of a husband and wife team of Michael Johnston and Melissa dela Cruz launching their first book of a new series, Heart of Dread.

So...Mariah and I made the trip out to Los Angeles, California for this amazing event. We also brought along good friend and booknerd, Cassandra, to join the fun. Not only that...this was the first time Cassandra met Melissa dela Cruz. Of course, she was already familiar with Melissa's Blue Bloods series, but never read the books. Boy, is she in for a treat! I have definitely enjoyed reading this series...and, I'm almost done -- just one book left to read! Then on to reading her other series, the Beauchamp Family series, which includes the first book of the series, Witches of East End, which is soon to be a TV series on Lifetime! I am so excited about that. 

Check out a couple video clips of this amazing and fun event as Melissa dela Cruz and Michael Johnston talks about their new book, Frozen.


Melissa dela Cruz & Michael Johnston talks about working together and the making of the Blue Bloods series...
and their Hollywood experiences.


Melissa dela Cruz reads an excerpt from their new book, Frozen.

Since meeting Melissa dela Cruz, for the first time, at the RT Teen Day in 2011, along with many other favorite authors, Mariah and I have enjoyed catching up and keeping up with the latest books by our favorite authors. I absolutely loved her Blue Bloods series since it is a different twist to the vampire lore that we are all so familiar with. I found this particular series unique. And, now, this new book of theirs, officially together as a husband/wife team, I am definitely looking forward to reading! Plus, come to find out that many of Melissa and Michael's interests in sci-fi and fantasy are also the same favorites as mine! Nice! Gotta love it! 
Melissa dela Cruz and Michael Johnston
Melissa dela Cruz
Michael Johnston
It is never a dull moment attending these author it at Barnes & Noble or other bookstores, we always have a good time when it comes to books...hahaha!! 
And the signing begins...
Melissa dela Cruz & Michael Johnston
Mariah with Melissa dela Cruz & Michael Johnston
Jasmine with Melissa dela Cruz & Michael Johnston
Our signed copy of Frozen

View the full album at:

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(inspired by Melissa dela Cruz's novel of the same name)
Series premieres October 6 at 10/9c on Lifetime

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