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JASMINE's THOUGHTS on ICONS by Margaret Stohl

ICONS Book Trailer!

Ro murmurs into my ear. 
"Don't be afraid, Dol. They're not coming for us."
Still, he slips his arm around me and we wait until the sky is clear. 
Because he doesn't know.
Not really.

For as long as she can remember, Dol has lived a simple life in the countryside -- safe from the shadow of the Icon and its terrifying power. Hiding from the one truth she can't avoid. 

She's different. She survived. Why? 

When Dol and her best friend, Ro, are captured and taken to the Embassy, off the coast of the sprawling metropolis once known as the City of Angels, they find only more questions. While Ro and fellow hostage Tima rage against their captors, Dol finds herself drawn to Lucas, the Ambassador's privileged son. But the four teens are more alike than they might think and the timing of their meeting isn't a coincidence. It's a conspiracy.

Within the Icon's reach, Dol, Ro, Tima and Lucas discover that their uncontrollable emotions -- which they've always thought to be their greatest weaknesses -- may actually be their greatest strengths.

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About the Author

Margaret Stohl is a lifelong science-fiction fan, former video-game designer, and co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling Beautiful Creatures series. Beautiful Creatures is now a major motion picture. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her family. Read more about Margie at

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NOTE: This review contains NO spoilers

My Thoughts
After the Beautiful Creatures series by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, I was looking forward to reading Margaret's solo book, Icons! I was already intrigued by what the story was about after watching the book trailer. Being a sci-fi fan myself, I definitely wanted to immerse myself into this world that Margaret Stohl created. The story takes place after "The Day" that the aliens "destroyed" the world. And, the survivors...what's left of the human race, are enslaved by these aliens that no one has seen. I was already drawn in to the characters and the mystery behind who they REALLY are. 

Margaret Stohl created a dystopian world with a sci-fi twist. I loved the intricate way she weaved mystery with action...and a little teen romance in a world that was devastated by this alien invasion. What even got me curious is that no one has really "seen" who or what these aliens are. I also was fascinated that Margaret also was able to capture the human spirit, especially during a time of enslavement by unknown masters. The chemistry among the characters was well written and, often times, got me emotional. At times, I found myself laughing at the jibes that these characters made at each other. There was definitely chemistry among these characters that fit well in the story. In addition to the well written character chemistry and world building, the action-packed scenes were amazing and if I was watching it on a movie screen. 

I know this dystopian/sci-fi type of story is not for everyone, as I have read from all the mixed reviews, I found myself unwilling to put the book down. Through each chapter, a mystery is found, but the answers were not easy to find. Like a puzzle, the characters found a variety of pieces to put together to find the answers that they were asking about who and what their purpose is. I absolutely loved and enjoyed this read! And...I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series! It definitely reminded me of one of my favorite sci-fi television show V that aired in the '80s. I loved that show...even the reboot in 2009, but got cancelled.

Icons is a unique blend of intrigue, action, mystery, teenage angst and teen romance with a twist of science fiction and a dystopian theme that is definitely worth reading. But, then again, that's just me...hahaha!!! 

My rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

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