Friday, September 13, 2013

The Walking Dead: A Look At Season 4

Hey awesome nerds!

Check out an extended look at the upcoming Season 4 of The Walking Dead!
The cast and crew shares their insights of what to expect in Season 4

The Walking Dead is not all about the dead! It's about the characters in a world that has completely changed. The show definitely dives into people's psyche...on how decisions are made and what changes them. Each character has their own "story" on how they deal with the situations they are faced with. There's been a lot of changes since Season 3! 

I absolutely love the show! It's riveting, gripping and thrilling story that tells a lot about how people change to survive in a changed world. And now, The Walking Dead returns for a Season 4 in October!!! I can't wait!!! Yay!

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