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EXCERPT TOUR: Tough Justice by Tee O'Fallon

Welcome to the Official Excerpt Tour for Tee O'Fallon's Tough Justice, the thrilling first book in the K-9 Special Ops series. Today, we have a sneak peek with an exclusive excerpt to share. So... Be sure to check it out and pre-order your copy today!

Romantic Suspense
K-9 Special Ops, #1
Publish Date:
March 29, 2022

It should have been a routine investigation. Instead, DEA K-9 agent Adam "Deck" Decker watches in horror as one Denver hospital seems to be Ground Zero for overdoses of a new drug. Now Deck can only hope a certain icy, green-eyed ER doctor will help him and his canine partner track down the deadly source.

Dr. Tori Sampson has her reasons for not trusting federal agents, especially ones working for the DEA. But the rash of overdoses—including a heartbreaking case involving a teen—is alarmingly high. And the new opioid is not only extremely dangerous, it defies all the usual medical treatments. So Tori has a choice: work with the big, brawny, and annoyingly hot DEA agent...or watch more innocent people die.  

Tori's the only person who can help Deck break the case, and they'll need to trust each other, no matter how high the tension and attraction sizzling between them runs. But with every question answered, they realize there's something more behind these typical teen overdoses. There's a pattern here, and a pattern can only suggest one thing. There's a killer on the loose.



When he turned and locked gazes with her, her mouth went just a teensy, weensy bit dry.

In the examining room, she’d been concentrating on her patient, then she’d been so annoyed with Agent Decker that she hadn’t really seen him. There was no denying he brought out the fifty shades of animosity, but one thing was for certain: with his chiseled jawline, slightly cleft chin, and sexy as all-get-out five o’clock shadow, the man was about as handsome as it got. Hard not to admire his muscular physique, either. He must spend all his free time in a gym, lifting barbells and dumbbells and whatever other bells made a man’s body that way. 

He closed his eyes, as if reciting a mental prayer. “Thanks, Doc.” 

The last thing she wanted was gratitude from the DEA. The short-lived attempt to rein in her internal bitch flew out the window as the past came roaring back in a rush of emotion. Especially the distraught look on her dad’s face that fateful day. 

“Don’t thank me,” she bit out. “I’m just doing my job. Maybe if the great and powerful DEA did its job, drugs wouldn’t be sold on every street corner in Denver, and Colorado’s opioid crisis wouldn’t be spiraling out of control. 

Your friend is the third opioid overdose I’ve treated today, and the tenth this week. Three of those patients died. And that’s just on my shifts. I can’t speak to what happens when I’m not here or how many are dying before they even get to the hospital.” She blew out a breath and grappled for a calm she didn’t feel. “Whatever just hit the streets could be the beginning of something really scary, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. But you can.” 

He opened his mouth to say something, but she cut him off. “And another thing.” She jabbed a finger at him. “This is my castle, not the DEA’s. If you ever come into my ER again, I’ll have you thrown out on your muscled ass.”


**About the Author**
Tee O'Fallon is the author of the Federal K-9, K-9 Special Ops, and the NYPD Blue & Gold series. Tee served as a federal agent and police investigator for a 28-year law enforcement career, giving her hands-on experience that she combines with her love of romantic suspense and action-packed thrillers.

When not writing, Tee enjoys cooking, gardening, chocolate, lychee martinis, and kicking back with her Belgian Sheepdogs, Loki and Kyrie. In the summer, Tee can be found anywhere there’s a boat and calm water. Tee loves hearing from readers and can be contacted via her website.

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