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AUDIOBOOK TOUR: The Storm Below Box Set by J.M.D. Reid

Welcome to the Official Audiobook Tour for J.M.D. Reid's The Storm Below Box Set. Narrated by Zachary Johnson. Today, on our tour stop, we have a spotlight post with an exclusive audio excerpt. So... Be sure to check it out and download your copy now! Follow the tour, HERE.

Epic Fantasy
The Storm Below, #1-5
Publish Date:
January 12, 2022
112 hrs and 31 mins
Dreaming Between Worlds Publishing LLC

Narrated by:
Zachary Johnson

The Stormriders approach, certain to leave death and destruction in their wake. Can one young man find a way to defeat them?

Ten years after his father’s death, the memory of the attack still haunts 19-year-old Ary. On the eve of the draft, he faces his greatest fear: being sent to join the marines.

He knows the cost of war.

Ary dreams of marrying his childhood sweetheart, building a farm, and starting a family. But the Stormriders threat of war puts his loved ones and his plans in jeopardy.

Wishing for peace won’t make it true.

For love, for his people, and for the life he desires, Ary makes a decision that will change everything. Thus begins The Storm Below.

This bundle contains the complete Storm Below Saga - that's five audiobooks of epic fantasy! Listen to:

Above the Storm
Reavers of the Tempest
Storm of Tears
Golden Darkness Descends
Shattered Sunlight

The Storm Below is a beautifully creative fantasy epic. Action-packed, dark, and intense, this fantasy series features characters you are certain to love...and others you will love to hate.

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The Storm Below series:
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**About the Author**
J.M.D. Reid has been a long-time fan of Fantasy ever since he read The Hobbit way back in the fourth grade. His head has always been filled with fantastical tales, and he is eager to share the worlds dwelling in his dreams with you.

Reid is long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest in and around the City of Tacoma. The rainy, gloomy atmosphere of Western Washington, combined with the natural beauty of the evergreen forests and the looming Mount Rainier, provides the perfect climate to brew creative worlds and exciting stories!

When he's not writing, Reid enjoys playing video games, playing D&D and listening to amazing music.

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**About the Narrator**
Lover of mathematics, devourer of science fiction, and connoisseur of the dad joke. When Zachary Johnson is not doing math for business or fun, he's devouring science fiction and fantasy, reading up on scientific advancements, going for a jog, or, on all too rare occasions, taking a refreshing swim at the beach. At your service, you shall have an able storyteller and gifted conveyor of information. Experienced in narrating fiction, from the romantic to the post-apocalyptic, and nonfiction, from the historical to the corporate, and armed with the tools to make it all sound great, Zachary promises that, no matter the job, you'll be read-iculously pleased!

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