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BLOG TOUR: Magic Harbor by Kristen L. Jackson

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Magic Harbor, the second title in the Keeper of the Watch series, by Kristen L. Jackson! Today, on our tour stop, we have a guest post featuring the author's Top 10 Favorite Quotes from the book AND a tour-wide giveaway to share! So... Check it out and grab your copy now!!! Follow the tour, HERE!

Young Adult
Urban Fantasy
Keeper of the Watch, #2
Publish Date:
October 10, 2019
Black Rose Writing

When Alyx Eris convinced him to become a keeper of the watch, Chase Walker knew he gained the ability to traverse the twelve dimensions.

He knew there were others—the hunters—who would do anything to put an end to the watches’ existence.

He knew his status as a keeper was completely binding until his nineteenth birthday.

Most importantly, he knew he’d be spending the year by Alyx’s side.

What he didn’t know was that in this dimension resides a ruling mage that poses more of a threat than the hunters ever could.

He didn’t know that magic-born hybrid beasts lurk in every corner of the surrounding forests.

And he didn’t know that nothing—and no one—is what it seems in the mystical world of Dimension 8.


*Kristen L. Jackson's 10 Favorite Quotes from Magic Harbor*
  1. “Chase!” She lurched back up, for once unsure what to do. Glancing down at the knife and blade disc she clutched in each hand. Both insignificant pieces of metal, of no help to her now. The creature began rising into the clouds, size shrinking with each flap of wings, carrying Chase with it. “Chase!” –Alyx, Chapter 10
  2. “You don’t know me. Not really. You know only shadows of me. My other selves. But that’s not me here.” –Liz, The Hunter, Chapter 32
  3. Chase took first one step, and then another. On the third step, the world in front of him shifted. As with both the strange tree back at camp and the mysterious castle-like building in town, everything around him began to shimmer in and out of focus. His head began to spin, the evanescence of the forest in front of him had him blinking. Everything seemed to appear and disappear before his eyes, until the waves passed and he could see. –Chase, Chapter 15
  4. “I told you, I’m sorry. You’re going to forget everything I’ve told you soon. It’s the berries. They’re magical. And you’re under his spell now.” –Mason, Chapter 21
  5. “You’ve never felt the heat of the all-powerful energy pumping through your veins, taking control of your mind and kidnapping every thought, until that’s all you care about. Only that, and gaining more power.”–Liz, Chapter 32
  6. Chase could still see through the portal into the living room at Dune Haven as if through a tunnel. He watched Alyx disappear from the center of the circle they had cast on the hardwood floor into bursts of sunbeams and shoot through the rectangular opening like a cheap back-yard firework. Once through the passageway, the light swirled until she regained her solid form. His mouth dropped open. The air around her shimmered in visible waves, like heat coming off the blacktop on a mid-summer day. Once everyone was through, the portal dissolved into vapor as if it had never been there at all. –Chase, Chapter 41
  7. Their lips touched, and Alyx felt her body lean forward. The kiss was as gentle as a butterfly’s wings, and yet it set her entire body on fire. His indrawn breath had her tilting her head to get closer ...  –Alyx and Chase, Chapter 42
  8. He shook his head. “I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. I’m starting to wish I’d never chosen any of this. The watch. Being a keeper. Traveling the twelve dimensions. All of it.” He shoved the journal at Alyx and paced. –Chase, Chapter 49
  9. “No. Your best friend isn’t here. He lives back in your home world, D-6. These people, no matter how familiar they seem, are strangers.” She placed her hand on her hip and blew at her bangs. –Alyx to Chase, Chapter 51
  10. A spark leapt out of the stream of contained lightning, striking Chase’s left arm. He swatted at it, jumping backward. The tiny spark traveled down his arm and into his watch, which began vibrating and humming. Staring down into the watch face, his eyes widened when the electrical stream erupted from the watch. Heat engulfed his wrist as the watch took on a life of its own. –Chase, Chapter 76


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**About the Author**
Kristen L. Jackson been a teacher for over twenty years, and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania with her husband, two grown sons, and three large-breed dogs. Books inspire her. From children’s picture books to adult literature in all genres, she has loved reading all her life. Becoming a published author has been her dream come true, and she loves to share her stories with readers of all ages.  Sign up on her website to follow her blog to stay up to date on what she’s working on now! Kristen loves writing, reading, and spending time with her family and dogs at their cabin in the Poconos…her favorite place to escape and write!

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