Monday, October 8, 2018

PROMO CODE: Literary Book Gifts

Hey booknerds, book lovers, book worms, or just anyone who loves classic literature! Looking for the perfect gift for someone that has a love for all things literature?!? Well then, take a look at this wonderful discovery. Yes, the little online shop has quite a collection of items that fill that need to find a perfect "bookish" gift.

Yes! Literary Book Gifts has a wonderful collection of the classics that is beloved through generation after generation of literary lovers. Literary Book Gifts is a small company that brings books to life on t-shirts and tote bags. The collection includes designs ranging from Jane Austen to Bram Stoker.

I would have to say that with the variety of classics available, booklovers can browse through the popular classics for the perfect "book" gift. Started by a literary lover as well, Melissa Chan was inspired by the sharing of great novels and the great and in-depth discussions that can come about with others as well. All the designs created are unique to the store and meant to capture the themes, stories, and narratives of the characters. Not only that, Literary Book Gifts has got various genres covered, from fantasy to adventure, to other genres, there will be something customers will enjoy. Plus, if there is a classic novel you do not find in their incredibly vast collections, they are always open to add more classics to their collections. Just give them a holla and I'm pretty sure they will create something amazing.

Here's a little bit about the Founder:
Melissa Chan started Literary Book Gifts earlier this year. She has a background in art and design and a lifelong love of literature.


Take a look at a select items in their collections:
Women's Book T-shirts

Book Tote Bags

Men's Book T-shirts


As you can see, the website offers a collection of Men's and Women's shirts, and Tote bags in various colors, designs, and classic books. Shop now and use our promo code, MoviesShowsnBooks20, for 20% off your purchase of anything in the store. There is no minimum purchase to use this promo. AND... This code has NO expiration. So, have at it, booknerds!!! Start shopping for your favorite literary favorites!

Didn't find a favorite classic in their collection?!?
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