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BOOK BLITZ: Through the Glass by Erica Kiefer

We have a Book Blitz to share today for Erica Kiefer's Through The Glass, book 2 in the Window Duology!!! Not only that, it's the book birthday Erica's latest book!!! To celebrate this release, check out all the Book Blitz festivities and grab your copy now!!!

Young Adult
Romantic Suspense
Window, #2
Publish Date:
April 3, 2018
Clean Teen Publishing

Still reeling from the discovery of her twin sister, Olivia  struggles to face her mother's betrayal. As Olivia and her friends seek to unravel the dark mystery of how and why the twins were separated, tensions escalate when Emma runs into her sister's ex—who assumes she's Olivia. When honesty is abandoned for more secrets and lies, the fallout between the sisters only intensifies. As they sift between truth and deception, it becomes clear that matters of the heart are not as transparent as they may seem.

A page-turning mystery laced with romance and emotional drama, Through the Glass is the satisfying conclusion to the Window Duology by Erica Kiefer.


(from Chapter Eight, Emma's Perspective)
I was out.
I eyed my surroundings, skittish and uncertain. Was this a bad idea? This was probably a bad idea. Maybe I’d ruin everything by walking around in public, but the quiet streets comforted me. Any teenagers who knew Olivia would be at school, and if an adult did happen to recognize me, I felt certain I could pull off Olivia’s character briefly enough for a friendly hello and be on my way. Nodding to myself with forced courage, I took off down the road in a brisk walk, inhaling the breeze as it skirted by. I smiled as I followed the road down the hill, tucking my hands into the zippered teal jacket Olivia had given me.
Andre’s home on the outskirts of Kingman led to a longer trek into town than I anticipated. My feet ached by the time I reached a busy commercial street, full of fast food and clothing stores. Regardless, I marveled at my freedom, enjoying being on my own while amid so much bustle. A few store employees smiled at me and I smiled back, polite and superficial. A safe move. I liked how I could be anyone right now, just a wandering, uncommitted customer with nowhere to be but—
Strong hands landed on my waist, pulling me backward.
“Hey, baby—”
A flash of memory from not many years ago—I gasped and threw an elbow up, nailing my assailant in the ribs.
“Ow, what the—”
I threw my other arm, slamming it into his chest as I spun around. The guy with a closely shaven head scowled, his arms raised and ready to grab me again. Backing up with rapid steps, I felt the corner of the wall against my back. That paralyzing fear returned, stealing my breath. I remembered the alley. Their hands holding me back. Their faces in my mind’s eye once more.
The phone in my back pocket dug into me, awakening me to my present fear. I slid my hand behind me to grab it before my attacker made another move. Instead, he rubbed his ribs through his grey military-style jacket, frowning but refraining from approaching further. I paused while he studied me. “Okay, I probably deserved that. Look, I’m sorry I didn’t text or call after last weekend.”
My mouth slipped open. “Last weekend?”
He nodded, dropping his head. “I thought you might need some space with everything going on. Since you didn’t text me either, I figured you were mad at me or regretful…”
A friend of Liv’s. But not just a friend. He’d called me baby, and the way he comfortably ran his eyes over my body didn’t feel like this was the first time. I crossed my arms over my chest. Assessing. Panicking. He looked older than a high school student but not by much. My eyes scanned his attire. Name-brand jeans with that high-collared jacket fitted with unnecessary zippers and pockets. A simple yet expensive-looking buzz cut with the fine blend of a razor close to his scalp. Shoes that probably cost more than my entire life’s wardrobe, though maybe that wasn’t saying much considering my limited closet. He was a rich kid, I observed, so that certainly fit Olivia’s inner circle.
“Um, what are you doing here?” I tried, glancing up at the café sign above us. It was almost noon. Maybe he’d been about to go to lunch.
He laughed. “I was about to ask you the same question. Why aren’t you in school?”
I put my hands on my hips, an extra defense when I had nothing else. I lifted my chin like I’d seen Olivia do when teased or challenged by Andre. “I… skipped. So?”
This mystery guy chuckled again, putting up a hand. “It was just a question, not an interrogation. But I have to say… finally! Couldn’t get you to skip school for even half a day last year. Senioritis must be catching up with you.” Now he did move closer, one hand landing on my bicep as he pulled me toward him. The proximity shortened my breath. Made my heart race. Why was he so at ease with this lack of boundaries? He acted like it was no big deal to step into my personal space. Didn’t he know Liv was with Andre?
His other hand landed on my waist, sending a flurry of alarm and adrenaline coursing through me. Fearful of acting contrary to the norm in… whatever this relationship was… I stood still, not reciprocating his moves but not thwarting them either.
“What are your thoughts on what happened last Sunday, anyway?”
Last Sunday. What happened last Sunday? A kiss? Something more intimate? Maybe just an altercation between him and Olivia, though his flirtatious gaze suggested otherwise. I made a general attempt to answer his question.
“I… it seems we have a lot to talk about.”
He smiled. Cute. Really cute.
“Seems we do.” Those brown eyes lingered on me once again, speaking to me without words in a way that made me blush.
I needed a distraction. “Listen, I need to meet my mom for lunch, actually, but maybe another time—”
“Tonight,” he interrupted. “I’ve got some friends in town, a few guys I met at ASU. Told them I’d show them around the ol’ family business.” He smiled with an arrogance that suggested I should know what he was talking about. “You should come.”
Me and a bunch of college guys? No way. “I don’t think so.” I fiddled with my phone just so I could look anywhere but his face. Maybe I could make an excuse about a text message.
“New phone?” Mystery guy pointed at the black device in my hands.
“Oh, uh…” I fiddled with it, thinking fast. “Yeah, it’s just temporary. I dropped my other phone and just need to get the screen replaced.” I smiled sheepishly, holding up the phone Andre had given me. “Extra.”
He took the phone from me and I tried not to snatch it back, though my fingers reached for it. “Relax,” he said, punching the keys. “I’m just putting my number in here. Not that you don’t have it memorized, but… there. This will make it easier.” He returned my phone and I sighed in relief, grateful he hadn’t seen the only two contacts listed on there. “Pick you up at seven?”
“No!” I bit my lip at my overreactive response. “I mean, I won’t be there. At home. There’s… a party at someone’s house starting earlier, and I… told Jordyn I’d go with her.”
He rolled his eyes. “Jordyn. Of course.” I picked up on the slight animosity as he mentioned Olivia’s best friend.
I should have left it there with my excuse. Should have waved goodbye and walked away, but for some reason, I didn’t. “You can pick me up at my friend’s house, though. I’ll just leave the party early.”
His expression brightened. “Cool. Just text me the address and I’ll pick you up out front.” A perfectly white smile gleamed, genuinely pleased.
And undeniably attractive.
As we went our separate ways, me entering the chiming door of the café and him jogging to the building across the street, I paused beside the window. He glanced over his shoulder once, just briefly, but enough to catch me staring at him. He waved again, and I lifted my fingers. When he disappeared, I glanced at the new name recorded in my phone, and wondered, who, exactly, this Dominic Wells could be.


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**About the Author**
Erica Kiefer’s debut novel Lingering Echoes was published by Clean Teen Publishing in November 2013. She continued the series with Rumors (A Lingering Echoes Prequel) and her newest release Vanishing Act. All of her books can be read as stand-alone contemporary YA fiction, touched with romance, emotional drama and suspense. With a degree in Recreation Therapy from Brigham Young University, Erica’s experiences working with at-risk youth have influenced the realistic and relatable nature of her writing. Her first inspirational non-fiction entitled Borrowed Angel (published in April 2014 with Currawong Press) describes the loss of her infant son and her journey towards healing.

Married since 2005, Erica resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her four children and can often be found satisfying her sweet-tooth with chocolate-chip cookies and a glass of milk. Now and then, she dusts off her collegiate rugby skills and dives back into the game.

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