Monday, June 21, 2021

PRe-ORDER BLITZ: Blood and Shadows by J.P. Roth

Today, we have a Pre-Order Blitz to share for J.P. Roth’s Blood and Shadows, book 2 in the Ancient Dreams series! To celebrate this coming release, we have a sneak peek into this next book in this series with an exclusive excerpt! So... Be sure to check it out and start the series now!

Young Adult
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Ancient Dreams, #2
Publish Date:
June 24, 2021

It’s a strange thing to wake up dead, knowing you are standing in the center of unchangeable destiny—strange, yet acceptable. When the moment holds the death of someone you love—that’s where the rules of destiny deserve to be broken.

Cara Wynter read a book that told her stories of another place, a forgotten time. As she read, she remembered the man she loved—the dark stranger in her dreams, re-lived her own death in his arms. Now, he is in front of her, wanting her, loving her, desperate to save her, even from herself.

From the dark halls of Hades to the hidden mountains of Transylvania, Cara finds herself falling yet again for the man who once traded his soul to save her own. Spells, witches, mythical creatures, and ancient, avenging gods threaten her daily. Terrifying, emerging powers and twisted murders—are her new normal. The horrors she tried for years to ignore, come for her with a vengeance, dragging her into a hidden world of fantasy, and magic.

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Lying in his arms was comfortable as breathing. I had the feeling again, like I had done this a thousand times, lay right here in this exact spot. Only this time the feeling had altered slightly, morphed into a certainty—now I knew I had. Thoughts of dark spells, and murdering goddesses receded like the ground beneath the climbing plane. I fell asleep, the rightness of the moment spilling over all my thoughts. This was where I was meant to be, here in his arms. Witches, heritage, immortality, spells, hell, and gods be damned—this was my place. It seemed every single thing in my life leading up to this exact moment had been nothing more than shadows and parlor tricks. He was my reality. On the glittering trail of that thought came a moment of pure feeling, irrational and possibly volatile, yet altogether enthralling. I wondered if I could keep him with me for always.


Ancient Dreams series:
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**About the Author**
Author, dreamer and wild child extraordinaire: JP Roth is an American Novelist, and owner of Rothic comics, founded in 2012, through which she has produced and published five of her original series. JP Roth in California with her beautiful family, and their adorable Bichon Frise. Her days are spent writing fanciful stories, walking on the beach, and attending comic conventions across the globe. While JP Roth enjoys travelling to exotic locations, she admittedly prefers to stay home, wrapped in a soft fluffy blanket, drinking tea and penning her next novel.

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