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BLOG TOUR: Wild Open Faces by Jennifer G. Edelson


Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Jennifer G. Edelson's Wild Open Faces, the second title in the Wild and Ruin series! Today, on our tour stop, we have a guest post featuring the topic: "10 Random Things About Me" to spotlight. Plus, we have a book trailer AND a cool tour-wide giveaway to share, too. So... Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now! Follow the tour, HERE.

Young Adult
Paranormal Romance
Wild and Ruin, #2
Publish Date:
December 17, 2020

Surfaces are deceiving . . .

After falling for Ezra and discovering a gateway to the Otherworld, it’s a truism Ruby knows to take to heart. But La Luna finally feels like home, and with graduation just weeks away and a cushy internship on a nearby archeological dig in her pocket, it’s easy to downplay the strange new events taking place in the Glorieta Pass. Even when Angel’s deadbeat father reappears after twenty years, stirring up questions about Angel, the ruin, and Ruby’s mother.

Uncertainty is bad enough, but when Ruby starts having inexplicable visions, and the archeological dig unearths mysterious artifacts connected to both a fabled Aztec city and the Pecos Pueblo, Ruby faces more than an uncertain future — she’s forced to accept the role of True of Heart. Will Ezra and her friends stand by her as she confronts the Otherworld? Love is enigmatic, especially in the heart of New Mexico, but the Otherworld may be the biggest mystery of them all.

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*10 Random Things About Jennifer G. Edelson*

Ten Random Things About Me

  1. I’m really squeamish.

  2. But I love horror movies.

  3. I’m in love with all Asian food and have taken Sushi making and Korean cooking classes.

  4. People say I’m really easygoing.  It’s probably true.  I run/lead a lot of large local social groups on Meetup here in Santa Fe and rarely get annoyed with anyone (a skill other people in my groups tell me is no easy feat).

  5. I don’t get mad easily, but when I do, look out.

  6. My kids say I’m the master of Jewish mother guilt.

  7. I have an awesome serial killer card collection and used to want to be an FBI profiler.

  8. I’ve been really interested in UFO/UAP phenomenon for at least 20 years and attend conferences, belong to MUFON, keep up on the news, etc.  Ask me anything, I’m a walking encyclopedia.

  9. I was a rebellious (awful?) teenager, and got kicked out of a bunch of high schools, which is on the lighter side of the kinds of trouble I got into.  My teenaged life would make a pretty good book.  It also taught me a thing or two.

  10. I’d rather be outdoors than anywhere else.  Give me a good outdoor adventure and I’m yours for life.


“What could be a corny premise turns into an exhilarating, fun ride in Edelson’s adept hands. Her characters are smartly drawn, and readers will easily identify with Ruby, a strong yet insecure young artist on the verge of adulthood, who is still recovering from her tragic past . . . Fans of Twilight and modern fairy tales will fall in love with Ruby and root for her eventual romance.” — Blue Ink Review (Starred Review)

“Between Wild and Ruin is a stunning story of legends, romance, and destiny with themes of starting over, small towns, beauty, and community . . . Edelson perfectly breathes new life in mythology by honoring the oral tradition of a small community and the ruins that bring to life Ruby's destiny.” — Manhattan Book Review

“Highly recommended to mature teens through new adult and adult audiences, this is a story that lingers in the mind long after its final revelation.” — Midwest Book Review

“A great addition to young adult urban fantasy.” — Seattle Book Review

“Descriptions of the New Mexico landscape are rich and atmospheric, arousing the senses with references to the scent of smoke and juniper, the predatory roar of mountain lions, and the brilliant dazzle of stars in the desert sky . . . The writing conveys a sense of timelessness, making it easy to believe Ruby’s sense that the land is spirit-haunted and that Leo, the handsome young man she encounters near the ruins, is somehow connected to it all.” — Clarion Forward

“An intriguing historical tale and an over-the-top love-quadrangle romance.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The paranormal aspects of the tale are credible and richly steeped in traditional lore, and the plot is finely crafted . . . Between Wild and Ruin is most highly recommended.” — Reader’s Favorite (5-Star Review)

** First Place Winner — Young Adult Fiction: 2020 Arizona/New Mexico Book Awards
** First Place Winner - Young Adult Fiction: 2020 National Federation Press Women
** Gold Medal Winner (First Place) - Young Adult Mythology/Folklore; 2020 Reader's Choice International  
** First Place Winner - Young Adult Fiction: 2020 New Mexico Women's Press 


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**About the Author**
Photo Credit: Shoshanna Bettencourt
Jennifer G. Edelson is a writer, artist, former attorney, pizza lover, and hard-core Bollywood fan. She has a BFA in Sculpture and a J.D. in law and has taught both creative writing and legal research and writing at several fine institutions, including the University of Minnesota. Originally a California native, she currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, kids, and dog, Hubble after surviving twenty-plus years in the Minnesota tundra (but still considers Los Angeles, the Twin Cities, and Santa Fe all home).

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