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BLOG TOUR: We Are The Fire by Sam Taylor

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Sam Taylor's We Are The Fire! Today, on our tour stop, we have a guest post to share featuring the topic: 10 Reasons to Read We Are The Fire. Plus, check out and enter the tour-wide giveaway, too! So... Let's celebrate this new release and grab your copy now! Follow the tour, HERE.

Young Adult
Fantasy Romance
Publish Date:
February 16, 2021
(imprint of MacMillan)

As electrifying as it is heartbreaking, Sam Taylor’s explosive fantasy debut We Are the Fire is perfect for fans of An Ember in the Ashes and the legend of Spartacus.

In the cold, treacherous land of Vesimaa, children are stolen from their families by a cruel emperor, forced to undergo a horrific transformative procedure, and serve in the army as magical fire-wielding soldiers. Pran and Oksana―both taken from their homeland at a young age―only have each other to hold onto in this heartless place.

Pran dreams of one day rebelling against their oppressors and destroying the empire; Oksana only dreams of returning home and creating a peaceful life for them both.

When they discover the emperor has a new, more terrible mission than ever for their kind, Pran and Oksana vow to escape his tyranny once and for all. But their methods and ideals differ drastically, driving a wedge between them. Worse still, they both soon find that the only way to defeat the monsters that subjugated them may be to become monsters themselves.


*Guest Post*

Wondering if my debut YA fantasy We Are the Fire is the book for you? Here are ten reasons to pick it up:

  1. Fire Magic

Are you a fan of the Fire Nation in Avatar: The Last Airbender? Or Colonel Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist? Just want to watch something burn? WAtF features teen soldiers who have the power to raise bonfires with a spark and their breath. 

  1. Twisted Alchemy

Fans of A Golden Fury or The Lady Alchemist? Interested in alchemy with an alternate-world twist? WAtF has its own spin with an alchemy that transforms young warriors into fire-wielding demons.

  1. Morally-gray, Flawed Characters

Sometimes Oksana and Pran are faced with difficult choices… because rising against power-hungry leaders utterly without scruples doesn’t come without steep costs. WAtF doesn’t shy away from the gray or sugar-coat these struggles.

  1. Lovers at Odds (Or, Exile + Evermore Vibes)

Oksana and Pran are already an established couple as the story opens. Their challenge? Keeping their love strong as their different visions of freedom—and especially, what lines they’ll cross for that freedom—clash and spark.

In other words, Taylor Swift’s songs “Exile” and “Evermore” make a great soundtrack for this book.

  1. Fierce Friendships

But even when there’s tension between Oksana and Pran, they have friends who will walk through fire for them. Get ready for Yalku—a boy of few words and zero BS; Anu—who stands up to literal Nightmares and inks folksong lyrics onto her arms; and Sepp—the queen of tough love who may be slow to make friends… but once she does, she’s with you for life.

  1. Magical STEM Girls

Like science stories with a side of fantasy? My girl Oksana loves chemistry—dabbled in it at the lab of a retired university professor before she was taken for the army—and makes use of her skills more than once to help her fellow soldiers. (Hint: The smoke bomb scene is one of my favorites!)

  1. Fantastic Folklore

WAtF has a unique set of folklore, stemming from the ancient fire demons once said to guard the nation of Vesimaa, centuries before it was Vesimaa. Look for folksongs sprinkled throughout the text as well!

  1. Cute Messenger Bird

What’s not to love about one swift bird capable of uniting two brothers separated by hundreds of miles… and who becomes a beacon of hope for all the young soldiers in their fight for freedom?

  1. It’s a Stand-Alone!

No waiting years for the story’s resolution—in one volume, you can find out how Oksana’s and Pran’s story ends.

  1. Missing the Ember in the Ashes series?

Devasted because EitA has ended? Feeling a hole in your bookish heart? We Are the Fire could be just the book for you!

Praise for We Are the Fire

Set to fill the Ember in the Ashes-shaped void in your heart.—Culturess

Bold and immersive, We Are the Fire is a strong new addition to the YA fantasy canon, full of characters with heart fighting despite their circumstances.Emily A. Duncan, New York Times-bestselling author of Wicked Saints

Brutally monstrous and achingly human, We Are the Fire is a tale that is sprawling and intimate, beautiful and grotesque. Told at breakneck speed, the narrative is as unforgiving as its world, where love is dangerous, hope is fleeting, and the same fire that built the empire can tear it back down.Nicki Pau Preto, author of Crown of Feathers

Beautiful, haunting, and fierce, We Are the Fire is a riveting debut that will burn its way into your soul.Kim Smejkal, author of Ink in the Blood and Curse of the Divine

At once brutal and tender, this heart-pounding debut will make you ponder what it means to be monstrous―and what it costs to be human.Joanna Ruth Meyer, author of Echo North and Into the Heartless Wood 

A well-paced fantasy steeped in folklore and alchemy. Deeply developed characters and a sharply written plot give We Are the Fire a dramatic intensity that readers will fall in love with. Perfect for fans of Cursed by Thomas Wheeler.B. R. Myers, author of Rogue Princess

A riveting fantasy that had me spellbound. Told in dual POV, both Oksana and Pran are well-rounded characters with plenty of flaws and morally gray decisions. Fantasy and science are mixed together in this stand-alone book over a simmering flame: Ready to explode.Samantha Hastings, author of The Last Word and The Invention of Sophie Carter


**About the Author**
Sam Taylor grew up in Arizona’s deserts and now lives among Connecticut’s trees. She spends her days writing, being mom to the world’s cutest boys, whirling through dance workouts, and baking too many cakes. She does not possess fire magic, but does have one fire-colored cat. We Are the Fire (Swoon Reads/Macmillan) is her debut novel.

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