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BLOG TOUR: When A Heart Trips by Dominique Laura

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Dominique Laura's When A Heart Trips! Toto share! day, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt to share! Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now!

Young Adult
Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
May 28, 2020

I never thought I’d catch serious feelings for someone at seventeen—isn’t life
complicated enough at this age?—let alone for my polar opposite.
I’m the quiet, reserved bookworm.
He’s the popular, confident jock at the center of every party.
He’s also kind, charming, and sweet.
The determined wide receiver worms his way past my defenses.
I see a side of him no one else does,
and he makes me feel things I’ve only ever read about.
He isn’t my perfect match, but at some point,
I can’t ignore what my heart is trying to say.
So, what happens when a heart trips?
Well, at some point, the fall is unavoidable,
and I'm falling headfirst into something I didn't want in the first place.
I asked for a crush, not for this.




“I really want a crush,” I muse out loud, pencil tapping on the edge of my desk while I daydream about someone who may or may not exist. 

“A Crush? Like the soda?” my best friend, Erin, questions from beside me, eyes narrowing in confusion.

“No, a crush like a person.” My eyes narrow right back at her in response.

She sighs, shaking her head in slight annoyance. “You want to have a crush is what you’re saying? Then don’t say you want a Crush because my mind immediately jumps to soda.”

“That’s legit what I said,” I say in defense, brow raising. 

“Fine, so you want a crush. What brought this on?” 

“It sounds lame, but I read about relationships all the time, and I’m starting to wonder what that’s like, ya know? Also, not that this should matter, but we’re seniors, and I’ve never really liked someone. Someone who made me giggle and blush and invaded my dreams. I just want to know what the fuss is; if it’s possible for me to even experience butterflies and goosebumps and that other cliche stuff.”

“You know what would really help with finding a crush?” Erin asks, smirk in place.

“What?” The word comes out slowly since I never know what’ll come out of her mouth. She’s Latina and feisty, and filters don’t exist in her world, which works for our friendship because I’m the same way, just a smidge less confident.

“Kickbacks. Friday night football followed by a kickback would help,” she states matter-of-factly. “I admire your love of books and your ability to read an ungodly amount each weekend, but going out and actively socializing is the best way to meet new people, guys included. That’s how you’ll find someone to crush on, I guarantee it.”

“I go to kickbacks,” I half-heartedly defend, knowing full well that she has a really good point.

“Yeah, when I practically drag you, and even then you end up in some corner with your nose buried in your phone while you read on your Kindle app.”

My eyes widen, and she tsks. “Oh yeah, I pay attention, Devon. You’re not fooling anyone.”

I groan, only slightly embarrassed at having been caught. “Fine, you do have a point, but it’s not as easy for me as it is for you. I mean, sure, I can socialize with the best of them, but it’s rarely genuine, and it’s not the most fun—it’s uncomfortable and forced.”

“Maybe it’s not the most fun because you don’t actually try or make any effort,” she tells me bluntly before her eyes turn sympathetic. “You’ve gotta get out of your shell and out of your books. Live in the real world with me.”

Her words might sound insulting to anyone else, but not to me. She means well, and I trust her. She’s not one for ill intent, despite her brutal honesty and sharp tongue most of the time. 

“Fine. I’ll try it your way this weekend,” I concede, nodding my head with conviction. 

Erin’s eyes light up at my words. “Perfect. Most of the parties and kickbacks are starting this weekend anyway, so it’s the perfect time for you to integrate yourself.”

“I feel like I’m going to regret this later, aren’t I?” I grumble, mostly to myself.

“Oh, most definitely, but what’s life without some regrets, am I right?” She gives me a wink.


**About the Author**
Dominique Laura is a Southern California girl who grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Her dog is her child, and her favorite. Dominique is an advocate for love, mental health, and happily ever afters. Sarcasm is her go-to for any situation. She writes sweet, sometimes sexy romances tha range from young adult to new adult to contemporary. Cows are her favorite animal, and she is the absolute worst at talking about herself.

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