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BLOG TOUR: Last Girls by Demetra Brodsky

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for Last Girls by Demetra Brodsky! Today, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt AND a cool tour-wide giveaway to share! Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now! Follow the tour, HERE!

Young Adult
Contemporary Thriller
Publish Date:
May 5, 2020
Tor Teen

No one knows how the world will end.

On a secret compound in the Washington wilderness, Honey Juniper and her sisters are training to hunt, homestead, and protect their own.

Train for every situation.

But when danger strikes from within, putting her sisters at risk, training becomes real life, and only one thing is certain:

Nowhere is safe.




THE END IS DRAWING NEAR. Either my sister Birdie pulls her act together and finds her Every Day Carry, or we’re leaving without it. She can deal with the consequences if today is the day the shit hits the fan. I shouldn’t joke. You never know. But it’s stupid, really, since Birdie is usually the one who’s most prepared, at least physically. The prize for most prepared emotionally goes to our youngest sister, Blue. She’s the one least likely to get flustered. A calm blue sea with hair to match, which is why it’s unusual to see her in a flurry, tossing saggy, beige couch cushions aside and sliding heavy wooden furniture around to help Birdie search. Not me. I’m waiting with my arms crossed. If Birdie wants to fly out at night to meet Daniel Dobbs from The Burrow, she should have prepped her EDC before squeezing her bedraggled butt through the window and down the cucumber trellis last night.

It’s funny how Blue is the most unflappable. When you think about it, logically, that trait should belong to Birdie based on her name. Are names logical? I don’t know. Maybe Blue’s, but not mine. Women spend their whole lives cringing whenever someone calls them honey. Not me. No sirree. Mother named me Honey at the outset, so I don’t get to be offended. As the oldest, I don’t get to be anything except Responsible, Reactive, and Ready. The three big Rs. Even if that only means having a good comeback ready when necessary, which is more often than you’d think.

“Today will be the day she needs it,” Blue says. She’s prone to matter-of-fact statements. There isn’t an aggressive bone in her body. She’s just self-assured and has clear … opinions. Sure. Let’s call them that.

I flick my eyes to them and sigh. “We have to go, Birdie. Blue and I have our bags. Just stick to the evacuation plan if needed. We got you.”

Birdie blows a curtain of thick bangs away from eyes dark as a storm, deepened more at the moment by her annoyance with me. “Seriously, Honey? You’re not even gonna attempt to help me attempt to locate my EDC? You heard Blue.”

I heard her. And it’s not that Blue’s proclamations don’t often come true. They do. Out of all us weirds, she’s at the top. It’s just the world as we know it hasn’t ended in the ten years we’ve been preppers. Not when it was just us stockpiling food and water. And not in the year we’ve lived in The Nest.

I roll my own, less contemptuous brown eyes at Birdie and walk out. Blue is right in a way, and so is Birdie. Preparedness is the root of prepping. But I’ll bet my favorite Gerber folding knife, dollars to doughnuts, my sister left her EDC outside last night. Love makes you do stupid things. Not that I’d know. God forbid I have time for a boyfriend. Even if I did, none of the Burrow Boys appeals to me, and Outsiders are off-limits. For me, it’s a zero-sum game.

I hear Birdie grumble, “Typical,” as I walk to the kitchen and it puts a hitch in my step. As long as they’re following me, it doesn’t matter. I wait one second, two … expecting them to walk through the doorway and grab their lunches from the table.

Guess not.

Mother glances up from the self-inflicted palm wound she’s treating with homemade antibiotics, concocted in our kitchen from bread mold left to grow in the large bay window. The plants filling the same space provide necessary humidity for the process, turning that windowsill into Mother’s makeshift laboratory. Complete with microscope and glass beakers. A mix of aluminum and copper pots hang above her head from an oval rack, and bundles of drying herbs are hanging from the wooden rafters. Some of the pots in this kitchen are used for cooking, others for her medicinal experiments. We’ve had to learn which is which.


Copyright © 2020 by Demetra Brodsky


Praise for LAST GIRLS

"A riveting, pulse-pounding story about family, love, and what happens when the end of the world turns out to be the beginning. I loved the fierce, funny, and fantastic Juniper sisters." ―Kathleen Glasgow, New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Pieces

"ABAO: All bets are off in this intense, action-packed thriller. Last Girls is both a sister story with heart and a deep-dive into Doomsday Prepper culture that will keep you up all night turning pages." ―Kelly deVos, author of Day Zero

"Last Girls is a harrowing view into a world where sisterly bonds are sealed in blood, and doomsday is only a breath away. Demetra Brodsky's portrayal of three girls living on the fringes of society, learning to question authority, identity, and the definition of family, kept me riveted until the final page." ―Gillian French, Edgar Award nominated author of The Missing Season and The Lies They Tell

"Tense and compulsively readable. . . I won’t be forgetting the Juniper sisters any time soon." ―Kara Thomas, author of The Cheerleaders

"This gripping thriller laced with dark family secrets had me tearing through the pages. .... prepare to stay up late reading this one!" ―Emmy Laybourne, international bestselling author of the Monument 14 trilogy

"Brodsky weaves a suspenseful tale reflective of the current political landscape, interwoven with Shakespearean subtext . . . this is a story of survival and figuring out who to trust in a world where the characters have been taught to trust no one." ―School Library Journal

"[this] effective mix of mystery, romance, and strong, capable young women is a real page-turner and will send fans back to Brodsky's first novel, Dive Smack (2018).” ―Booklist 


**About the Author**
Photo Content from Demetra Brodsky
Demetra Brodsky loves to write twisty thrillers about dark family secrets. She is an award-winning graphic designer & art director turned full-time. A first-generation Greek American and native of Massachusetts with a B.F.A from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Demetra now lives in Southern California where she's always exploring and researching, hunting for clues that might feed into her next book. Dive Smack, her debut YA Thriller, was a 2018 Junior Library Guild Selection, and an (ALAN) Pick (The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE).

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