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JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Child of Atlantis: Destiny by Perry Covington

Young Adult
Fantasy/Sci-fi Action/Adventure
Origins Series, #2
Publish Date:
November 27, 2014

 Maximus Hunter has had an eventful summer.

He now knows that the mythical Empire of Atlantis is real and that the descendants of Atlantis are alive and well in the modern day world.

That knowledge has come at a price. Ripped from his home and friends, he has had to endure perilous obstacles, face blood thirsty monsters, and worst of all, endure the loss of his parents at the hands of the Fallen, a group bent on destroying the Earthborn.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Max chooses to fight the Fallen, avenge his family, and help save the people of the world.

Now, the Fallen seek an ancient weapon that has the potential to achieve the apocalypse that they so desperately wish for. With his friends, old and new, Max must find the weapon first and destroy it, before the Fallen claim it as their own.

This quest will test his will, courage, and loyalty. With the fate of the world at stake, Max must embrace his responsibilities as the Key or all will be lost. In a race for the survival of planet Earth, time is of the essence.

Tick, tock.



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**About the Author**
Perry Covington is the author of Child of Atlantis: Ascension, book one of the Origins series. He has several other works in progress, which includ The Caster Wars and The Watcher series. He is also co-founder of the Think Kings Creative Studio, a group who endeavors to bring indie fictional works to the forefront of mainstream entertainment.

Perry is a journalist for several California publications. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two daughters, and a crazy dog named Ninja.

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*My Thoughts*

Note: This review contains NO spoilers

Wow! And I thought Child of Atlantis: Ascension (book 1) was incredibly descriptive! The descriptive world-building took me on another adventure through history and mythology, so intriguing that it kept me turning the pages. Perry Covington's characters, with their distinct and individual personalities, created a dramatic and animated flair to the story. I ended up empathizing with each individual young character as they continued to deal with all the obstacles and trials that was laid in front of them, especially Max. Then, there's Wayland...finding out about his true heritage, just like Max had learned. It definitely was a shocker finding out there is a whole different world around them.

From Ascension to Destiny, the author expanded on his descriptive world-building and character development. We learned more about each character, which, in turn, revealed a lot about their choices and decisions they make. For such young characters, they have endured a lot more than any average young adult endures in their lives. But, they aren't your average teenagers....right?!? However, they are still teenagers and act as such...which teenagers can relate to. Moreover, these teenagers are placed in a position that forces them to grow up a lot sooner than they should.

Being a fan of pop culture, the onslaught of references to various fandoms made this read even more so enjoyable and exciting. Fangirls and fanboys alike would definitely give a nod to the many references found throughtout this read (I think) since I found myself smirking with amusement.

Child of Atlantis: Destiny is, yet again, another incredible journey into world behind another world. Filled with various action and adventure scenes that will keep readers on the "edge of their seats" and cheering on our heroes as they continue on their plight to save the world.

My rating:

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