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JASMINE's THOUGHTS on Child of Atlantis: Catalyst by Perry Covington

Young Adult
Fantasy/Sci-fi Action/Adventure
Origins Series, #3
Publish Date:
February 14, 2016

 Max has faced may challenges during his short time with the people of Atlantis.

A nation is at the brink of war and Max must find a solution before countless die.

Everything in the hidden world of the Atlanteans and in the world of the Earthborn will forever be altered.

War is coming.

Whose side will you be on when first blood is drawn?




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**About the Author**
Perry Covington is the author of Child of Atlantis: Ascension, book one of the Origins series. He has several other works in progress, which includ The Caster Wars and The Watcher series. He is also co-founder of the Think Kings Creative Studio, a group who endeavors to bring indie fictional works to the forefront of mainstream entertainment.

Perry is a journalist for several California publications. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two daughters, and a crazy dog named Ninja.

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*My Thoughts*

Note: This review contains NO spoilers

Whoa! O-M-G! And every other exclamatory remark that I can't think of at this moment!  What a build up of the story from Ascension and Destiny to Catalyst! There is action. There is adventure! There is espionage. There is intrigue! I was at the "edge of my seat" with anticipation as the continued build up to the start of this intense war. As if I was watching a freakin' movie and the descriptive way the author laid out the climax of this book had me all tied up in a bunch of nervous tension as I had to know what happened next.

But what does Perry Covington do!!??!! OMG!  Really!!??!! A cliffhanger!!! A freakin' cliffhanger! I'm left with all these "feels" and there's a cliffhanger! I seriously had to take a moment to just process everything I read in this third book. As I processed what I read...and "experienced" ... I started to remember what I read from the beginning with the first and second books. Wow! What all these characters, especially Max, had endured on this journey. And, yet, thinking back, Max had grown up since the start of this journey of discovery.

Perry Covington's writing has a flair for the dramatics with his intense world-building and complex characters creating this story of action and adventure. He definitely has the ingenuity to pull readers into his world of fantastic characters and out of this world settings. Fans of Star Wars and Indiana Jones would enjoy this amazing read...and get lost in this world that the author created. I so look forward to reading book 4!

I seriously NEED to read now! LOL! 

My rating:

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