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BOOK BLITZ: The Winds of Change by Troy Knowlton


Today, we have a Book Blitz to share for author Troy Knowlton's debut YA novel, The Winds of Change, the first exciting installment in the Seekers series! Today, we have an exclusive excerpt AND a blitz-wide giveaway to spotlight this debut YA novel! So... Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now!

Young Adult
High Fantasy
Seekers, #1
Publish Date:
July 12, 2022

After an assassination attempt that could lead to an all-out war, Tyras and Oren, two young Seekers of the Argan Empire, are each given secret missions in an attempt to thwart the coming chaos. Both tasks require the Seekers to venture through the war-torn continent of Tiarna where the young men face mortal danger, horrible monsters, and hostile groups – all challenges Seekers are trained to combat. Luckily, the two Seekers also find guidance, friendship, and romance along the way. However, powerful and mysterious forces are conspiring behind the scenes and both Tyras and Oren will have to overcome a host of obstacles, including their own inner demons, in order to maintain a glimmer of hope for success. With war imminent and the unknown ahead, will the Seekers triumph, or will they be swallowed by the turbulent, relentless Winds of Change?

Set in a new, masterfully created high fantasy world, Seekers: The Winds of Change is perfect for fans of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faisal.

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          Smoke mixed with earthly sande assaulted Tyras’s nostrils as he gathered himself up from the desert floor. He took a moment to dust off some of the grains from his blue coat before scaling the massive dune that loomed over him. Burning fatigue throbbed through his legs as he scampered along the rough, shifting hill’s slope. It wouldn’t be long before the Koterrans began searching for him, so time was of the essence.

          Squall had better be ready to leave; those knights seemed to have an unnatural tenacity, especially their leader, Tyras thought as he climbed. After what seemed like forever, the Seeker reached the top of the dune. There he saw the grizzled bomb maker standing in a proud pose, one foot resting on the base of his giant cannon. The flickering of his pipe embers illuminated his age-stained face in the darkness. The older man’s expression exuded more warmth than the pipe ever could, with a proud smile that lifted wrinkles in the epicanthic folds of his wise, distinguishably Savarian eyes.

          “I think you might have overdone it, Squall,” Tyras said as  he wiped more of the caked sand and mud off his cloak. 

          Squall’s leathery forehead wrinkled with confusion as he  stared at the Seeker. “Whatever do you mean, Tyras? I thought  the explosion was exquisite! The shock wave knocked everyone  down like a swift brushstroke from a masterful painter. You  cannot deny that I’m a great artist of explosions, my boy.”

          Tyras nodded, both in agreement and respect, half-smiling.  I know nobody else can match your talent or your loyalty, my  friend. He couldn’t count how many times Squall had remedied  a situation by exploding all the right things at all the right times.  “Well, master artist, how do you explain the second explosion  that acquainted me with the desert floor?” The Seeker mustered  all the sarcasm he could into the question.

          “Oh, that one is easy,” Squall answered, trying to contain his  laughter. “You see, you had made it out of there too clean, not  a speck of dust on you. We couldn’t have that now, could we?  Think of when you arrive home in Arga. Wouldn’t it be better if  you appear battered and bruised? You’re a great adventurer and  servant of your empire; you must always look the part. It’s to  make it seem as though your mission was grand and dangerous.  Your peers will praise you to no end, women will swoon, and  men will stare with admiration and envy. They’ll wonder how  you managed to come back alive!” The older man raised his  raspy voice before continuing. “And you would say: ‘Twas with  the aid of a handsome Savarian god of explosives!” The older  man waved his fist in the air as he shouted. “Well? Are you  convinced? I, for one, think it would make for a far better story.”  Squall couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore. He bent over  his cannon, chuckling until spit ran down his unshaven cheeks.

          Tyras’s eyes twitched with impatience. “I would rather  return home comfortable and clean, forget the stories. You make  it seem like all I care about is what people think of me. Enough  with the chit chat; we need to leave! Come on, I’ll help you load  Shizuka.”

          Squall obliged, and the pair grappled with the cannon,  turning it around to face the other side of the dune. With a few  powerful thrusts, they drove it up a ramp attached to the back  side of Squall’s wagon. The weighty, boxed vehicle gleamed,  an impressive work of Savarian craftsmanship. Ornate etched  designs adorned the dark oak of the frame. Fastened to the  vehicle’s yoke stood four hulking, muscular horses with ebony  manes: Savarian stallions, some of the fastest horses in all of  Tiarna. Tyras trusted few, but he counted on those horses. How  many times have they spirited us out of harm’s way? the Seeker  thought, glancing up at them.

          After the pair retracted the ramp, they hurried to the  vehicle’s front. Nimble Tyras leapt into the passenger seat with  graceful ease as the old, weary Squall hobbled his way up into  the driver’s seat. With the both of them situated, Squall shouted a  command in Savarian and the horses dashed forward, propelling  the wagon into the windy desert night.

          Not long after the ride started, the banter resumed, with  even more vigor than before. Tyras was first. “You just wanted  to scare the hell out of me with that blast, didn’t you? There  was no ulterior motive to your foolery. It wasn’t an attempt to  embellish our story; I think it was much simpler than that. You  wanted to have some fun and watch the shock wave send me  flying like a lame goose. Did you get a good laugh?”





**About the Author**
Troy Knowlton always had a burning desire to tell stories. He started at a young age by drawing maps of made-up continents and fantasy kingdoms. The empty kingdoms beckoned to be given life, and his work eventually blossomed, leading him to create full narratives and characters for his worlds. He currently lives in California where he works as an X-Ray technologist and teacher when he isn't writing. He's also a great lover of history, currently working to earn his bachelor's degree in History and Political Science.

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