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PRE-ORDER BLITZ: Piper's Purgatory by Maureen A. Miller

Today, we have a Pre-order Blitz for USA Today Bestselling Author Maureen A. Miller's upcoming paranormal romantic suspense, Piper's Purgatory. We have a sneak peek to share with an exclusive excerpt! Add Piper's Purgatory to your TBR list on Goodreads!

So... Be sure to check it out and pre-order your copy now at its special 99¢ pre-order price!

New Adult
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Publish Date:
April 11, 2022

Is it possible to fall in love in the afterlife?

The last thing Piper Malko ever expected was to have her life snatched away so early. When she wakes up on the front steps of her brownstone to a rose-colored facsimile of her world, she is forced to come to grips with her demise. Why is she still trapped on her street, though? Was there a debate as to her final destination? Any attempt to ask the gauzy pedestrians passing by goes unheard. No one notices her. Until she sees him—over six feet of well-defined humanity staring back at her from across the street.

Russell Hughes is dead. He can remember the impact of the car. But there was no bright light. No portal to the beyond. Instead, everything around him is pink. Except for her. The attractive woman across the street.

Together, Piper and Russ try to piece together the crime that killed two strangers on the same road. If they can find their killer, then maybe they can escape this rosy limbo.

But will leaving purgatory tear them apart…just as they're falling in love?

***Special 99¢ Pre-order Price!***


    “So, trusting you—” Piper’s voice broke through. “—was not a given. I don’t care what world we’re in.  I don’t care that you’re the only person here. I am independent. A loner. And could easily remain that way in this rosy paradise.” She flailed her hand. “I don’t need you.” Her eyes flashed. “I want you.”

     A vortex of memories whirled with dizzying speed inside Russ’s mind. School hand-holding. Girlfriends. His failed relationship with his fiancĂ©. Unfulfilling rebounds.

     Piper. In his arms. Sleeping on a sagging couch.

     Piper. On his lap. Holding her head as he tried to soothe her pain.

     Piper. Sleeping on a pillow beside him.

     Love you


     In black lace. 

     “I was just about to make love to you.”

     Air dragged in across her lower lip, making it quiver.

     “But you heard tires. You hear the past. Making love to me is the future.” Long lashes lowered as she added, “I hope.”

     Those last words tugged at the corners of his lips. 

     “I hope so too. I’m hoping for the near future.”

     Piper looked up. “Real near future.”

     “I’m standing here with no shirt on.”

     “That amps up the timeline for sure.”

     Past be damned.

     The future be untold.

     In this rose-colored limbo—only they existed. They were the rulers of this world. The deciders of this fate.

     “You don’t have to be a loner, Piper. You don’t have to be alone.” His hands slid into her hair and he urged her head back so that he could kiss her. Slow. Long. Forever. “Because I want you too.”


**About the Author**
USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller worked in the software industry for fifteen years. She crawled around plant floors in a hard hat and safety glasses hooking up computers to behemoth manufacturing machines. The job required extensive travel. The best form of escapism during those lengthy airport layovers became writing.

Maureen's first novel, WIDOW'S TALE, earned her a Golden Heart nomination in Romantic Suspense. Initially, she wrote for Harlequin’s digital imprint, but when the little voices in her head called for her to craft the young adult science fiction BEYOND series, it didn’t quite fit into the Harlequin world. So, she put on her big boy pants and went out on her own. The grownup in her still writes romantic suspense, but her inner adventure girl enjoys young adult adventures. 

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