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AUDIOBOOK TOUR: A Long Ways from Home by Mike Martin

Welcome to the Official Audiobook Tour for Author Mike Martin's A Long Ways From Home, the fifth book in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series! Today, on our tour stop, we are kicking off this tour with an exclusive audio excerpt! Narrated by Francis G. Kearney. So... Be sure to check it out and download your copy now! Follow the tour,, HERE.

Modern Detective
Sgt. Windflower Mystery, #5
Publish Date:
August 31, 2016
Release Date:
March 21, 2022
9 hours and 16 minutes
Mike Martin

Narrated by:
Francis G. Kearney

A weekend visit to picturesque Newfoundland by a large crew of outlaw bikers leaves behind another mess for Sgt. Windflower to clean up. This time, he’s facing violence, murder, mystery, and intrigue. This adventure has Windflower questioning everything he thought he knew. There are troubles on the home front, cutbacks in the policing budget, old friends leaving, and new ones not quite here yet. Windflower is seeking to find answers in territory that is both dangerous and unfamiliar.

This installment in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series has our hero dashing all over the beautiful little island of Newfoundland. Along the way, he never wavers in his pursuit of justice. But he stills tries to find a way to enjoy the natural beauty that lays all around him, and to bring out the best from everybody he meets.

A Long Ways from Home is about more than just homicides or the dirty dealings of outlaw bikers. It is also about helping people and communities face up to and overcome new and very difficult challenges. Windflower relies on his friends and allies, including some four-legged ones, to help him and them find the answers. He also discovers that we are never really alone, even when we are a long ways from home.


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Sgt. Windflower Mystery series:
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**About the Author**
Mike Martin was born in St. John’s, NL on the east coast of Canada and now lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. He is a long-time freelance writer and his articles and essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online across Canada as well as in the United States and New Zealand.

He is the author of the award-winning Sgt. Windflower Mystery series set in beautiful Grand Bank. There are now 12 books in this light mystery series with the publication of Dangerous Waters. A Tangled Web was shortlisted in 2017 for the best light mystery of the year, and Darkest Before the Dawn won the 2019 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award. Mike has also published Christmas in Newfoundland: Memories and Mysteries, a Sgt. Windflower Book of Christmas past and present.

Some Sgt. Windflower Mysteries are now available as audiobooks and the latest A Long Ways from Home was released as an audiobook in 2022. All audiobooks are available from Audible in Canada and around the world.

Mike is Past Chair of the Board of Crime Writers of Canada, a national organization promoting Canadian crime and mystery writers and a member of the Newfoundland Writers’ Guild and Ottawa Independent Writers and Capital Crime Writers.

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**About the Narrator**
I'm Francis G. Kearney. During college I began working as a local actor/performer, and upon leaving began a successful career building and selling multiple businesses. One close to my heart focused on aviation.

As an accomplished aviator, I worked on multiple films & TV as a helicopter camera ship pilot!

I have always been an insatiable reader with a love of history - the ultimate story, and anything military - especially if it flies.

My evolution into narration and the joy of storytelling is the culmination of many years of a life fully lived and is reflected in a voice of experience.

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