Thursday, November 4, 2021

COVER REVEAL: Nephilim Harbinger by Selene Kallan

Today, we have a Cover Reveal to share for Author Selene Kallan's Nephilim Harbinger, the second installment in the The Cursed and the Fallen series. To celebrate this reveal, we have a cool author-hosted giveaway to share! So... Check out the stunning cover!

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Urban Fantasy
The Cursed and the Fallen, #2
Publish Date:
January 10, 2022


I definitely angered a god in a past life. I was minding my business and enjoying my burning chemistry with Nox, my demon warden, and then bam! I’m getting dragged to literal Hell under the orders of Lilith, Queen of Hell… and Nox’s mother.

It turns out there’s a lovely prophecy that says I am the Harbinger, the Catalyst for the Apocalypse that will burn down Hell and Earth. And Lilith wants to kill me to prevent it. Cornered, Nox and I bargain with Lilith, and she agrees to let me live… as long as I keep my dirty Nephilim fingers away from Nox.

Naturally, Nox and I find as many loopholes as possible for our bargain, but our relief is short-lived. New enemies pop around like daisies, and old ones come back even from the dead. Light and darkness lay their claim on us, determined to render our connection to ash.
Are we strong enough to subvert the prophecy before Heaven and Hell cleave us apart? I don’t know, but I sure as Hell will fight with everything I’ve got, even if I burn.
I’ve always loved playing with fire, anyway.

The second installment of The Cursed and The Fallen series.

Fans of Hush Hush, Sarah J. Maas, and Jennifer L. Armentrout will love the mix of urban fantasy and romance fantasy in NEPHILIM HARBINGER.

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Praise for Demon Warden

“Holy angelic WOW – this is the pandemic escape I didn’t know I needed. Fantasy author Kallan has reached new fantasy heights with this sexy romance-action-adventure.”—Laurie Forest, Bestselling Author of The Black Witch Chronicles.


The Cursed and the Fallen series:
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**About the Author**
Selene Kallan is a fantasy author who daydreams about her imaginary worlds most of the time. Her obsession with vampires, and all things supernatural, has made her an avid reader. She loves writing, discovering new metal bands, and watching superhero movies. She is also feeling a little crazy while writing about herself in third person, but apparently, this is the way to go.

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