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BOOK BLITZ: Seventeen Butterflies by Anna Katmore


Today, we are kicking off this 5-day Book Blitz celebrating the release of Anna Katmore's Seventeen Butterflies! To celebrate this release, we have an exclusive excerpt AND a blitz-wide giveaway to share! So... Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now!

Yong Adult
Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:
August 23, 2021

The embarrassment of being the only unkissed girl in high school is something Sandy Cardington refuses to accept. The first kiss project is her foolproof plan to finally get rid of the status at her 17th birthday party, while her parents are out of town.

With several kissable boys on her guest list, this should be a walk in the park. But she didn’t count on her older brother returning from college and throwing a wrench into her plans. To make matters even more complicated, he has a friend in tow, and the cute hockey player stirs unexpected butterflies in her stomach every time their paths cross.

While Sandy moves heaven and earth to make her party and project come true, it looks as if Thane Griffyn has his own plans to teach her the real meaning of a first kiss…

A compelling, sweet high school romance, perfect for fans of Kelly Oram, L A Cotton, Cassie Mae, and Erin Watt.

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It takes about three eternal seconds before he finally seems to understand our conversation is over—for me, anyway—and he follows my brother out into the backyard. As soon as we’re alone, Adrian’s quizzical glance catches me. “Is everything okay?”

“Sure. Why?”

“Don’t know.” He shrugs. “The temperature in here just seemed to drop a few degrees when the guys came in.”

“Really?” Avoiding his gaze, I chop the rest of the onion. “I didn’t feel that.”

Adrian laughs as he pours the spaghetti into the boiling water then stirs it with a wooden spoon. “Yeah, right.”

I don’t remember a time in our friendship when I didn’t tell Adrian all my secrets, but what happened in this kitchen last night is something I don’t want to speak about. Not with him or with anyone else. Ever.

To my relief, Adrian respectfully changes the subject to party preparations instead of further questioning me, and within a few minutes he has me grinning again. Dancing with Thane was nice, but tonight I’m going to be kissed, and that is so much more important.

When the boys come in from the backyard and hear us chatting about the party snack list we still need to make, Thane smiles and offers, “I can take you. You’ll probably need a car to get all the stuff home.”

“Thanks, but no,” I reply in a very sweet tone. Maybe a little too sweet. “Adrian has a car and he’s taking me.” Actually, he didn’t mention anything, but it goes without saying between us. “So, I’ve got it all covered.”

With my treacly smile in place, Thane assesses me, his dark eyebrows tilted down. He has enough time to read exactly nothing in my face before I spin away, dismissing him without another word. Soon enough, he leaves my personal space and heads to the dining table, giving me a chance to breathe again.

Furtively, Adrian angles his head at me. Underneath the blond strands falling wickedly over this forehead, he arches one probing eyebrow in question. Lips pressed together, I shrug.

“PMS,” I mutter and shoot him a look that says: let it go.

While the sauce is cooking and Adrian discusses sports with my brother, the stupid part of me dares a brief glance at the table. Thane has his phone in his hand, but it’s like he feels my gaze the moment it touches him, and his eyes slowly lift to mine. Caught by their impact, I freeze for a second and swallow. The way his lips move, I’m dead sure he’s going to say something but I refuse to give him the chance and quickly return to the other side of the kitchen, keeping my back to him.

I think I hear him sigh.

His stone-cold voice fills every empty space in this room a moment later. “Found one in Oceanside. Let’s go!”

All three of us automatically spin around to him. In a swift move, he rises from the chair, shoves his phone into his pocket, and crosses to the door, this time not sparing me a single glance.

“But what’s with lunch?” Cam protests like a petulant toddler robbed of his baby bottle as he hurries after his friend. “I’m starving!”

“We’ll get you something on the way.” Thane’s tone leaves no room for discussion. The next thing we hear is the front door falling shut after he and Cameron have left the house.

“Seems as if your and Thane’s periods run in sync,” Adrian mutters dryly.

I gape at him then burst out laughing.


**About the Author**
"I'm writing stories because I can't breathe without."

Anna Katmore lives in an enchanting world of her own, which allows only those to enter who are ready to hand in logic and rationalism. But beware, if you dare to step through this door, you'll never want to leave again...

Disney is her attitude towards life, and if she could, she'd save the world from itself. Her patronus is a wolf, her wand the broken twig of an apple tree, 13 inches long with a unicorn hair core. Glitter on her shoes is a must, though she doesn't care for Cinderella's glass slippers. Too risky that something might break...

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