Wednesday, March 29, 2023

BOOK BLITZ: The Stained Sea by Paul Carver Williams


Today, we have a Book Blitz to share for the upcoming release of Paul Carver Williams's The Stained Sea, the first book in the Omen series. So... Be sure to check it out and pre-order your copy NOW!

New Adult/Adult
Omen, #1
Publish Date:
March 31, 2023

In the wake of a lost messiah, an oppressed religious sect known as the ‘singers of Oros’ are targeted by those in power. A lone singer calling himself Runo works tirelessly to revive the faith of his people by any means necessary, involving a hunt for a witness who could expose his darker actions

Meanwhile, a young slave named Cai is called on by a philosopher to aid in a catalogue of the wealthiest families in Grecuria, starting with the owner of the library where he works. On his journey he must confront a past that isn’t his own.

Lastly, sailing on a sky ship surrounded by merchants, Mele Amahki was given passage to begin a new life. However, everything changes when they find themselves in a new, unexpected world. Mele is thrust into power, unsure of what is best for her crew.

Knowledge, religion, power, and blood run through the veins of the Grecurian islands, but through these three headstrong individuals, the veins will be cut and darkness will stain the sea.



“The Red Road was quiet that evening, as expected. Runo and Tim made their way down as the sun set beside them, dipping itself into the clear horizon past miles and miles of flatland. 

         As they ventured farther along the twisting road of packed dirt, plodded and uneven, Runo recalled the procession of singers that had once, only a few years back, made their way up the road in search of new hope. Ansuz himself stopped at villages in the night, telling stories and performing miracles. By morning, they’d leave with a few new followers at the least. Everything was so bright then. But as the two Singers came down that same road, the sunset cast its blood-red light across the plains while shadows inched their way in. It was then Runo realized he was scowling and in hopes to avoid a comment from Tim, he reigned in his face with a silent sigh.”


**About the Author**
An LGBTQ, Black-Latino young adult, Paul Carver Williams has struggled with his identity, eventually leading to mental illness. However, with support from his siblings, he gained new confidence to express his inner emotions through art and writing. At age seventeen, he published his first book. He is now working endlessly to carve a place for himself among the creative professionals and pave the way for other talented 'students' of art and literature.

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