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BLOG TOUR: An Outcast and an Ally by Caitlin Lochner

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for An Outcast And An Ally, the second title in the A Soldier and a Liar series, by Caitlin Lochner. Today, on our tour stop, we have an exclusive excerpt AND a tour-wide giveaway to share! So... Be sure to check it out and grab your copy now!

Young Adult
Science Fiction/Dystopian/Fantasy
A Soldier and a Liar, #2
Publish Date:
April 21, 2020

Dark secrets and conflicting loyalties abound as four superpowered teens are torn apart by war in Caitlin Lochner’s An Outcast and an Ally, the epic YA sequel to A Soldier and a Liar.

Lai, Jay, Al, and Erik are on the run after the military accuses them of being traitors. Tensions between everyone are high, but they have to stick together if they want to survive. And somehow stop the war that’s now in full swing.

But when Erik returns to the rebels to find answers about his past, Lai, Al, and Jay have no choice but to go to the Order―a peace coalition bent on stopping the rebels and dissolving the enmity between gifted and ungifted. However, the longer the war drags on, the more Lai’s long-kept secrets threaten to destroy everything she’s ever worked for. Sparks fly as the team constantly questions whether they can trust one another and everyone tries to navigate a war that will change everything.

Filled with the same high-stakes superpowered action and complex relationships as A Soldier and A Liar, Caitlin’s first book, An Outcast and an Ally brings this story to a dramatic and satisfying close.


Now I falter. Her fist catches my jaw and sends me reeling back, but she follows after with a kick to my stomach before I can recover, similar to how I nailed her.
“Maybe if our whole friendship hadn’t started with you blackmailing me and reading my every thought,” I say, but the words come out as wheeze. Pain rips through my stomach, but I ignore it as Lai keeps coming.
I throw my arms up to block her next hit as she says, “Funny how the blackmailing didn’t bother you as much before you found out I learned your secret by using my gift. We weren’t even friends then—why should I have held back? You use your gift to your advantage all the time—why shouldn’t I?” There’s no obvious opening in her hits. They keep coming faster, but also messier. “Why should I be judged for using my gift when other Nytes use theirs to help themselves all the time? What gives you the right to be angry at me for doing the same thing you do? I’m sorry my gift and methods aren’t as noble as yours—”
Her voice cracks, and in the same instant, her next punch misses. I grab her arm and swing her around, letting go as I fling her at the ground. She throws an arm out to catch herself before she hits the floor, but I’m right behind her.
“You think this is just about your gift?” I aim an uppercut at her jaw, but she dodges. I keep pushing forward. “Your gift doesn’t explain all your secrets—and you know what, fine, yeah, you didn’t have to tell me everything up front, but after I opened up to you? After I told you everything? You couldn’t even tell me a part of the truth?” I kick at her ankles in frustration, but she just jumps over my foot and aims a punch at my face. “What part of our friendship was real, Lai? Was any of it?”
“If it wasn’t real, I wouldn’t have been so afraid to tell you the truth.” 

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**About the Author**
Caitlin Lochner is a nerd, traveler, and an architecture enthusiast who has worked as an assistant English teacher in Tokyo for three years before pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. She loves reading and writing anything with magic, adventure, and complex found-family relationships. Caitlin can typically be found absorbed in books, games, or manga, or else obsessing over said books, games, and manga.

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