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BLOG TOUR: Carlington Twins Duet by Emma Doherty

Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for the Carlington Twins Duet by Emma Doherty! On our tour stop today, we have an exclusive excerpt from All That's Been Said (book 2) AND an author-hosted giveaway to share! So... Check it out and grab your copy now!!!

New Adult
Contemporary Romance
Carlington Twins Duet, #1
Publish Date:
October 24, 2019

Izzy Kavanagh’s life falls apart when her mother dies. She is forced to move to the US and live with her absent father, who thinks money is the answer to every problem, and her twin brother Ethan, who she has barely spoken to in years.

She hates everything about the move. She hates that she’s forced to finish high school even though she’s already completed it in the UK. She hates that her father is controlling her and threatening to take away her inheritance if she doesn’t do as he says, even though he’s barely there and couldn’t care less about her. She hates that everybody already has an opinion on her based on her family name.

But what she hates above all else is having to see her brother every day in his perfect life where everybody worships him, because he chose this life over her and her mum.

And for that, she’ll never forgive him.

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New Adult
Contemporary Romance
Carlington Twins Duet, #2
Publish Date:
November 7, 2019

Izzy Kavanagh hates her new life in the US; that much she’s made obvious. She’s done everything she can to alienate her twin, Ethan, and to prove she doesn’t want to be there.

She’s certainly succeeded.

Perhaps a little too much.

Suddenly the idea of having her brother hate her isn’t what she wants. Knowing her mother would be ashamed of her behaviour weighs on her mind, and the idea of having someone who cares about her isn’t so bad after all. Then there’s her brother’s best friend, Finn. No matter how much she wants to ignore him and pretend she doesn’t care about his opinion, he always seems to be there, and it’s getting harder and harder to act like she’s indifferent to him.

But the damage has been done, and now all she can do is count down the days until she’s allowed to return to the UK and forget all about her time in the US.

That’s what she’s wanted all along…right?

*FREE on Kindle Unlimited*

“Do you think he hates me now?” I blurt out before I can stop myself. “Even though I’m pissed with him too.”
He chuckles. “Why are you mad at him?”
“Because of the Evie thing. I can’t believe he’s gone back there.”
Finn shakes his head. “That won’t last. He just needs a little longer to figure it out.”
I huff. “He has no right to be annoyed with me when he’s back with her.”
He lets out a bark of laughter. “You are kidding, right?”
I deflate slightly. He’s right. “I know what I did is bad, okay? I know he hates me at the moment.”
Finn turns his head to face me in astonishment. “Ethan doesn’t hate you, Izzy. He loves you. A lot. He always has.”
I scoff at that. “Yeah right. If he loves me so much then why didn’t you know I was coming to live over here? Why did you guys find out I was his sister along with the rest of the school in the cafeteria that day?” That’s something that’s bothered me for weeks, even if I don’t want to admit it—the fact that Ethan’s friends had no clue who I was when I first turned up over here. He never mentioned me to them.
Finn shrugs. “I’ve wondered about that,” he admits. “I think it’s because he knows what your relationship is like these days. He was embarrassed. He didn’t want to admit that the person he’s spent years telling us about didn’t even want to look in his direction, let alone speak to him.”
I’m stunned. “He talked about me?”
He looks at me like I’m crazy. “All the time. We’d be eating pizza and he’d be like ‘This is my sister’s favourite topping’ or ‘My sister hates this movie’, just stuff that let us know how important you were to him when he first moved over here. And I swear he spent the first couple of months here grilling the cafeteria staff on the ingredients of food.”
I frown at this.
“Because you’re allergic to nuts, right? Even though you weren’t there, he’d want to know exactly what was in the food, just out of habit I guess.”
A smile creeps across my face, remembering how he did that for months after my nut allergy was discovered, always wanting to make sure I knew what was in my food. Way more thorough than I am about it.
We fall into silence as I lose myself in my thoughts, in my memories of me and Ethan as kids. I think about how we are with each other right now and it makes me want to cry.
It makes me want to cry because if I think about what we were like when we were younger.
 “It must have been tough for you when he moved over here.”
Tough is an understatement. I didn’t feel whole anymore without him.
“It was tough,” I concede softly.
“I’ll bet.”
I don’t say anything else. Don’t tell him how I cried and cried when he left. How I screamed at my mum for letting him go.
“Izzy,” Finn says softly. “You can talk to me, you know, about anything you want. Your mum, Ethan, your dad, your friends back home. I won’t say anything to anyone. Not even Ethan.”
A silence settles over us as I look into the distance. Where I can just see Ethan and his friends as small dots messing around by the lake.
I let out a long sigh. “Have you ever missed someone so much it hurts? So much it feels like you’re missing an arm or a leg? Like an actual part of your body?”
Finn’s face softens. “Oh, Izzy, I know you miss your mom.”
I look out into the distance and see Ethan launch himself into the water. “I wasn’t talking about my mum.”


**About the Author**
Emma Doherty was born in Yorkshire, England. She attended university in Newcastle before moving to London. She loves to travel, write, spend time with friends and family and hear from her readers.

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