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MY THOUGHTS: Gilded Promise (Book 3 of the Gilded Feathers Series) by J. Woods

New Adult Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance
Gilded Feathers Series
Publish Date:
December 1, 2013
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Recommended for readers 18+
Contains adult language and sexual content

Drowning endlessly in her sorrow, Chloe Collins tries desperately to breathe life back into the lost girl Cole has become. But as she refuses to let go of memories past, her journal remains the only escape from her constant inner turmoil.

In the midst of it all Chloe is enchanted in her own passionate romance with the rogue and untamed Tommy. Their love is tested against the uprising of demons from the past in a time where it seems everyone is hiding secrets.

Captivated in the battle between love and betrayal Chloe faces new obstacles and the undulating force of a gilded promise.



**About the Author**
J. Woods is a Toronto based writer, mother, and non-conformist. She lives between the space of her green tea and humming laptop when she isn’t chasing after her free spirited daughter. She has studied too many things to count including radio broadcasting and entrepreneurship. Grasping at sanity, she realized writing stories about her insane thoughts was easier than explaining them to a doctor. Not to mention cheaper.

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***My Thoughts***
Where to begin... I was already drawn into Cole and Drex's world in Gilded Feathers and Gilded Faith. Then I was a wreck after the tragedy in Gilded Faith! If I was in Cole's shoes...I probably would be so broken and lost as she was...<sigh>. That's how immersed I was with their whole love affair on two different worlds...literally! J. Woods did an excellent job on her world building that I could actually imagine it in my mind! The stories from each novel flowed from one to the other, starting off...give or take a few months...where the previous book left off; hence, the importance in reading Book 1 & 2 before getting into this third book of the series.

But now, I have read Book 3, Gilded Promise, which was told through Chloe's eyes. After Cole suffered such an intense loss, Chloe can only be there for her best friend. While her budding romance with Tommy grows, she does everything she can to bring Cole back from the loss she endures every waking moment of her life. Cole and Chloe are as close as can close as sisters. Hence, the shear agony Chloe feels for Cole and her desperation to bring Cole out of that black hole of loss that she seems to be locked in.

Chloe and Tommy's romance continues to grow with every intense moment they have. As stated in the synopsis, Chloe and Tommy has demons of their own that they have to overcome before they can be totally honest with each other for their love and relationship to grow. Chloe flies home to Vancouver, taking Tommy with her, to celebrate her requested by her parents. Chloe knows this is not going to be a happy homecoming. While in Vancouver, several truths are revealed for both Chloe and Tommy which tests their love and commitment to each other. Then one life-threatening moment opens Chloe's eyes to the realization of how intense the loss of Drex is to Cole. As the celebration of Chloe's birthday continues, a glimmer of hope shines in Chloe's eyes when she noticed a slight spark in Cole's eyes during her birthday party.

I was completely sucked into Chloe's world in this third book of the Gilded Feathers series. J. Woods has simply wrote an emotionally driven and draining story through Chloe's eyes. In Gilded Promise, readers can see through Chloe's eyes of how intense Cole's grief the point that readers will be able to empathize with Chloe, the best friend that will do anything to take Cole's pain away. In addition to a best friend's desperation to help, I am "gasping for air" at the mere thought that someone other than Drex can bring Cole out of that intense grief.

I so need to read the captivating and intense conclusion to the Gilded Feathers series....Infinitely Gilded!

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