Friday, November 11, 2016

COVER REVEAL: The Sanctuary by Sara Elizabeth Santana

We are so stoked to share with you this Cover Reveal for Sara Elizabeth Santana's The Sanctuary, the second and thrilling conclusion to The Awakened Duology! Preorder you copy today! To celebrate this cover reveal, The Awakened (book 1) ebook will be only $0.99 from November 11th to November 30th! Grab your copy now while it's on sale now! Plus, you can pre-order The Sanctuary now!

Young Adult
Science Fiction Romance
Dystopian Romance
The Awakened, #2
Publish Date:
January 10, 2017
OfTomes Publishing

Zoey Valentine is finally safe. Tucked away miles underground in the fortified community of the Sanctuary.

But the Sanctuary is far from what she imagined.
Zoey can’t help but feel trapped. 
Sekhmet, the evil corporation behind the Awakened, is still out there and 
now, citizens of the Sanctuary are disappearing.
It isn’t until the bodies of the missing turn up mutilated, each one tagged with a note, a warning, signed by Razi Cylon.

Problem is, Razi should be dead.
Sekhmet has existed for far too long, and Zoey has had enough.



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**About the Author**
Sara Elizabeth Santana is a YA and NA fiction writer. She has worked as a smoothie artist, Disneyland cast member, restaurant supervisor, nanny, photographer, pizza delivery driver and barista but writing is what she loves most. She runs her own nerd girl/book review blog, What A Nerd Girl Says. She lives in Southern California with her dad, five siblings and two dogs. Her debut novel is The Awakened was released December 1, 2015.

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