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BOOK BLITZ: Guardian of the Way by Diane Moat

We are excited to share with you this 5-day Book Blitz for Diane Moat's recent release, Guardian of the Way! We will be sharing an excerpt and a blitz-wide giveaway! So... keep on scrolling for all the exciting new release of this new Young Adult fantasy romance!

Young Adult
Fantasy Romance
Publish Date:
November 1, 2016

It’s been two centuries since someone murdered the last Guardian of the Way, closing off this world from the many realms of magic and fae.

Cassiopeia “Cass” Wilson is an eighteen-year-old living on her own for the first time. The only magic she’s interested in is the kind that will help her pay the bills on time. Little does she know that a trip to the hospital after a fainting spell will change her life forever.

Cass soon learns she may be fae, and everything points to her being the next Guardian of the Way. There’s just one problem: whoever—or whatever—killed the last Guardian wants Cass dead too.

Cass quickly runs into problems, and an attack by djinn is just the first. But Cass joins forces with a wrath daemon, were-creatures, and fae on a quest to reach the Lighthouse—the site of the Way.

Cass soon learns about wizards desperate to keep the Way closed to serve their dark purposes, and she comes to a crossroads: will she take the test to become the new Guardian and leave her normal life behind? Or will the Way remain closed to all who need it?


As Cass drew closer to Cutler, the Pack from California pulled ahead of the group, reaching Cutler two hours earlier than the Hummer. The Alpha, Pat, wanted to check out their landing point prior to the Hummer’s arrival. There was also an issue with the Maine Pack, and Pat wanted to speak with the local Alpha without any non-Pack members around.

As Pat motioned his Weres to park on a side road near a thick grove of trees, he could smell the local Pack. He sat on his bike for several minutes before turning it off, taking slow deep breaths. His Wolf didn’t like being so close to another Alpha, and all the recent fighting only made keeping his Wolf under control all that much harder. Pat had met the Maine Alpha, Thomas, several years ago at a gathering in Louisiana. There had been a rogue Pack killing Humans. When the Alphas had met, Pat was not misled by Thomas’ quiet and friendly demeanor. The Maine Pack was known for its ruthlessness and strength. Pat wondered if they had something to prove after their Guardian’s death centuries ago. The two Alphas had gotten along surprisingly well in Louisiana. While Thomas portrayed himself as the neighbor next door and Pat played the friendly cowboy, they both agreed on what needed to be done. Within twenty-four hours, the thirty-two rogue Wolves were dead. They had parted company back then with only a nod to each other; words were unnecessary.

Pat was glad the two Alphas had met previously, with at least a minimum amount of trust having been established. Everyone’s level of excitement would be high today, and meeting an unknown Alpha would only have added to that stress. Pat took the lead, walking toward the thick woods. He stopped as Thomas came out of the woods, walking in his direction. Behind Thomas, all of the Maine Pack were in Wolf form, which was a bad sign. It meant Thomas perceived an imminent threat and didn’t want any of his Wolves to need even the few seconds it took to change. Thomas and Pat stopped when they were 100 feet apart. Neither Alpha needed preamble or niceties. Pat opened with, “She’s just a child. She still smells partially Human but that is changing. She makes decisions like a Human child, and will not have any idea of the threats around her.”

The two Alpha’s tones were those of neighbors comparing the benefits of a charcoal grill versus a gas grill, but neither was fooled by the other. Thomas replied with, “We’ll be waiting on the beach. We’re assuming she is the Guardian, and once she is on the beach, no one will be allowed near her without going through us.”

Pat answered an unspoken question. “The child won’t have the stomach to deal with some of her possible ‘visitors’.”

Thomas nodded his agreement. “She won’t ever know. We will not make the same mistake twice.”

Confident any threats would be killed before getting close to the possible Guardian, Pat nodded and started back to the road. Needing to be very clear about their temporary territory, he said “Don’t come into the woods or the road once she arrives.”

As Thomas was walking back to the woods, he replied, “Understood. And don’t come onto the beach after that.”

Pat and his Pack left to re-attach themselves to the convoy headed this way, confident both Packs
would do everything they could to keep the potential Guardian alive.


**About the Author**
Diane Moat is a Tennessee transplant, animal rescuer, and nurse. Dog Gone is her debut novel, born from years of hearing animal rescuers say about animal abusers, “If only I could get my hands on that person...” Diane is assisted by her many rescue dogs.

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