Saturday, May 14, 2016

MARIAH's TAKE on Damien Season 1 Episode 10 - "Ave Satani"

About the Show:
Damien Thorn (James Bradley) discovers that he is the Antichrist. He must confront his past and cope with the truth of who and what he is.

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Television Network:

Supernatural/Paranormal Drama

Based on the film:
The Omen

TV-14 V, L

Created by:
Glen Mazzara

Bradley James - Damien Thorn
Barbara Hershey - Ann Rutledge
Megalyn E.K. - Simone Baptiste
Omid Abtahi - Amani Golkar
Scott Wilson - John Lyons
David Meunier - Detective Shay
Robin Weigert - Sister Greta Fraueva


Episode 10: "Ave Satani"
Rutledge and Lyons target those around Damien. Damien makes the ultimate sacrifice.


*My Thoughts*

This is deserving of a season finale. I don’t care what I said last review. This episode was a perfect balance of reality and religion. It does not disappoint because, he went from zero to a hundred re-al quick. In our opening scene, Damien and Simone run away from Greta as fast they can but then encounter Lyons with his personal firing squad. At this point, I think Damien knows exactly who he is because he doesn’t take his will power lightly any more. “I love you, Damien. It’s all for you Damn, Damien. You savage. He does not hesitate in the slightest to use the “power of persuasion…” I mean Satan’s will to get what he wants.

Killing, although not direct, and hiding, everyone is on the move. The Vatican can’t stay idle anymore, Lyons Company is revealing itself to Damien more and more, and Lyons looks done being passive-aggressive after Damien gets away. This episode has had the most blood shed all season, as bodies are continuously pilling up. First Veronica, the Lyons fire arms, and even poor Amani. Although, Greta the nun is a tough old bird; how she’s still kicking is beyond me. I understand there are multiple sides to the story but I’m raring to see what Damien will do with his accepted power.

He’s not afraid of using that will power, selling his soul, blood shed, or whatever he needs at the moment. I’d say he’s still a good person but the safety and wellbeing of those he loves are more important. If the Vatican wants to act as God’s hands on this plain, then they’re going to need more than a few holy knives because Damien’s got an army... or more… People are scary if they get a little too enthusiastic in a normal day setting. But extending that to thousands of fanatic worshippers, all in the name of great Satan and willing to die in the blink of an eye, is the face despair itself. A few soldiers and weapons will not help you. To kill a demon, you yourself need to become one.

Last but not least: My Dear Detective Shay, you’re not in a winning battle. Satan nor does Satan’s son like you very much. Hence, why images of your own son dying/bleeding continuously appear. You’ve even killed a bystander along the way in your obsession but thank you, for forcing Damien into accepting his prophecy. Have we made a believer out of you yet? Lyons got what he deserved. We saw a bit of his fear in a previous episode but we see his selfishness more so now. If you don’t devote everything to Damien, you’re not really on his side.

I’m not religious but the script and the performance of the actors in this series is outstanding. As a viewer, I’m more compelled to worship the son of Satan and believe in a new world born from war. Whether that war ends in damnation or some Antichrist utopia is inconsequential. I’m suddenly wondering if anyone 1000% against Satan is foaming at the mouth right now.

Until the next dark episode.