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BLOG TOUR: Supervision by Alison Stine

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Young Adult
Paranormal Romance
Publish Date:
April 9, 2015

Something is wrong with Esmé.

Kicked out of school in New York, she’s sent to live with her grandmother in a small Appalachian town. But something is wrong with the grandmother Ez hasn’t seen for years; she leaves atmidnight, carrying a big black bag. Something is wrong with her grandmother’s house, a decrepit mansion full of stray cats, stairs that lead to nowhere, beds that unmake themselves. Something is wrong in the town where a kid disappears every year, where a whistle sounds at night but no train arrives.

And something is wrong with the cute and friendly neighbor Ez’s age with black curls and ice-blue eyes: He’s dead.



**About the Author**
Alison Stine's first novel Supervision will be released by Harper Voyager UK in 2015.

Also the author of three books of poetry: Wait (University of Wisconsin Press, 2011), Ohio Violence (University of North Texas Press, 2009), and Lot of My Sister (Kent State University Press, 2001), she has worked as an actor, an artist’s model, a high school teacher, and a professor. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Ohio University, and is an avid urban explorer.

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*My Thoughts*

Note: This review contains NO spoilers

Well, I can't say that I loved it, and I can't say I hated it. I can say that Supervision was an interesting...different...twist for a ghost story. As I continued reading, the story became more fascinating and intriguing as questions were answered...but, then more questions came about as well. At times, the flow of the story was choppy and confusing. Characters were not well developed, the plot itself was not well developed as well. There were way too many incomplete underdeveloped subplots.

The characters are cute and quirky teens... for being ghosts. The plot and subplots are interesting, but fell flat. However, the teen angst is present as the characters, especially the main character, Esmé, tries to solve the mysteries that lay ahead of her when she goes and lives with her grandmother.

To be fair, Supervision is a cutesy teen tale that is a fun and light read that youngsters in their early teens would enjoy this read, especially if they enjoy ghost stories and mysteries filled with teen angst. This is a good start for a debut YA book by Alison Stine.

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  1. This sounds like a fun read and I love ghost stories - def my favorite paranormal-type read! Great review! :)

    1. Yes, it is! :) Thank you! Always have to be fair and honest when reviewing. :)