Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Josephine Angelini Launches New Novel 'Goddess'

May 28, 2013 was a night of literary fun as Josephine Angelini and fans celebrated the release of the last book in the Starcrossed Trilogy.

Arriving a couple hours before the 7pm event with Josephine Angelini, Mariah and I staked our claim on our seats since it wasn't a wristband event. Yes, I wanted to be sure we were front and center...and we definitely were. I then proceeded to purchase the entire Starcrossed Trilogy books while we waited for this exciting reading/signing. Although I haven't read these books yet, I have been very interested and fascinated with these books since it's loosely based on the Greek poem, The Iliad, Greek literature/mythology.  On top of all that, we were among friends...Perla, Cassandra and Franceis, to celebrate the launch of this book with Josephine Angelini.

As time grew closer to start the party, fans were treated to Sprinkles mini-cupcakes. Yes! It was a definite treat! As more fans arrived, the excitement grew. A few fans were even discussing the books among each other.

Sprinkles cupcakes!!!

Excitement escalates as 7pm approaches. To many fans' delight, Josephine Angelini arrives to indulge us to a reading from Goddess. She read an excerpt from Chapter 5 in Goddess. As Angelini read the excerpt, the audience listened intently with awe. Although I haven't read any of the books, I was pulled in to the "Helen's" plight. With her animated reading, Josephine Angelini brought the characters to life and captured our imaginations.

Josephine Angelini arrives and is introduced to fans by Lita, events coordinator.

Josephine Angelini begins the reading
As Josephine Angelini brought the reading to a close, the Q&A began. However, Angelini started off by answering a question she knew several fans were thinking. Yup, she got ahead of everyone and answered the question, "are they ever going to get together?"  She was referring to the characters "Helen" and "Lucas." However, she did not divulge any spoilers to that effect. Awww...what a tease...LOL! Hence, the Q&A continued. 

I can only describe this event as exciting and fun. With Josephine's animated discussions with the fans, it made this whole session amazing. We learned so much about the story behind the making of the Starcrossed Trilogy. Luckily, Mariah was able to record some the reading and Q&A...and, is now available to view on my YouTube channel: MsBabyJazz1972.

Although clips #1 & #2 are only seconds long, I uploaded it anyways.  Hope you like and enjoy these video clips and please subscribe.

Here are the video clips to this amazing event:
We were also treated with the prologue of Josephine Angelini's next book, Crucible, which is loosely based on Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible. As she mentioned in clip #6, her next book will be the first of another trilogy. How awesome was that to get a glimpse of Josephine Angelini's next novel! Wow!

Josephine Angelini discusses her next novel, Crucible
Josephine Angelini reads the prologue of Crucible from her iPhone
We got to hear a "sneak read" of Josephine Angenlini's next book...a fanta-sci themed story. After listening to a coupld of pages of the prologue, I was fascinated with this new story. Now, I definitely will be looking forward to reading her next trilogy. 

After an exciting Q&A, the signing began. Fans excitedly lined up to get their chance to chat with her. Since we were sitting in the first row, we were able to chat a bit with Josephine Angelini. It was an amazing time! Everyone had a chance to chat AND take posed photos with her.  AWESOME! 

Jasmine, Perla, Franceis and Cassandra
Josephine Angelini

Josephine Angelini signing my books...and Victoria's copy of Starcrossed
Jasmine and Josephine Angelini

Mariah and Josephine Angelini
Josephine Angelini signing Perla's books

Josephine Angelini and Perla

Josephine Angelini signing Cassandra's books and bookmarks

Cassandra and Josephine Angelini

Josephine Angelini signing Franceis' books

Mariah getting the bookmarks signed
Not only did I meet the amazing Josephine Angelini, I also met another talented author, Anna Carey. This is one of the reasons why I love author events like this...not only do I meet the spotlight authors; I also have the opportunity to meet other authors who come out to support their friend/author. And, this is exactly how I met Anna Carey, author of the Eve Trilogy.

Anna Carey chatting it up with a fan

Anna Carey, author of the Sloan Sisters Series

Perla and Anna Carey

Jasmine and Anna Carey
To view the entire photo album of this event, please go to: Movies, Shows & Books on Facebook.

All in all, for a Tuesday evening, it was filled with fun and excitement!! Not only were we entertained with a reading, we learned so much about Josephine Angelini's thoughts on how she started writing, what inspires her to wriate and what stories she likes to read and to write. Disussing the makings of her books was simply a joy to listen to. Being a book nerd, I am always in search for good reads, especially in my favorite genres.  I guess that's why I'm not going to ever really get caught up on reading all the books that I have. <sigh> That's okay. It's just incredibly amazing to be able to meet all these talented authors. I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Hence, Iam very excited for the release of her next book trilogy, starting with Crucible.  But, of course, I have got to read the Starcrossed Trilogy first...haha!!! I am not alone on that. The waiting for a next book in a series to be released can be excruciating, especially when the previous book leaves the reader with a "cliffhanger."

Again, Barnes & Noble at The Grove has put together another awesome author event. Until the next author event. 

The Starcrossed Trilogy: Starcrossed, Dreamless and Goddess

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